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    james_b reacted to craZy in [20.07.11] Soyeon signs contract with Think Entertainment   
    On the 11th, a representative from Think Entertainment (생각을보여주는 엔터테인먼트는) said, "we have signed an exclusive contact with singer and actress Soyeon. We will generously support her various activities."
    Think Entertainment houses actor Hong Rok Gi, singer and actress Han Young, model Han Hyejin, 'Miss Trot' Jeong Miae and Kim Soyoo, 'Mister Trot' Kim Hojoong and Youngki, and various others.
    Source: Naver
    Think Enterainment official website: http://thinkent.co.kr/
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    james_b reacted to craZy in [20.04.08] Eunjung signs exclusive contract with new agency Cabin74   
    Eunjung has signed an exclusive contract with a new agency, Cabin74, announcing a new start.
    On April 8th, an official from Cabin74 said, "we're happy to inform a new beginning with Hahm Eunjung, who has various talents such as music, acting, entertainment, etc. As we each start anew, we plan to do our best to to create synergy so that we may grow together. We will be showing more diverse activities, please give Eunjung lots of love and interest."
    Eunjung recently appeared on SBS Law of The Jungle and is considering her next work. She is also currently appearing on her own YouTube program alongside KARA's Gyuri, Beauty & View.
    Source: Naver
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    james_b reacted to craZy in [19.10.01] Jiyeon shares her feelings about T-ara's 10th anniversary and returning as an actress after a "dark" slump   
    T-ara member turned actress, Park Jiyeon, certainly made a strong impression with viewers through the KBS drama 'I Wanna Hear Your Song.'
    'I Wanna Hear Your Song' is a mystery rom-com about a timpanist, played by Kim Sejeong, who lost her memory on the day of a murder and is searching for the truth with the help of a strange man.
    Jiyeon plays the "queen of push-and-pull" and "femme fatale" violinist Han Eunjoo. The naturally gifted 2nd violinist of the orchestra with good looks and a spicy charm, she is the romantic interest of many men, a "queen of dating" heart breaker and push-and-pull player.
    However, she did not give up on singing. "Recording in progress with a Chinese company. It's scheduled to be released in late November. Within this year for sure is the idea. I couldn't decide on the title song. Our staff took a vote," she said and laughed.
    As for T-ara's reunion, "we're trying our best. It's not easy because we all have our own schedules, but I hope the time comes quickly. We're trying as our absolute best. I talk to the members often but it's hard to make time. This is the problem we face as seniors. Our heart and thoughts are the same but it's not easy," she said.

    T-ara recently celebrated their 10th anniversary, "on the 10th anniversary, we greeted everyone on V Live to congratulate ourselves and went bowling. Rather than a special event, we played by ourselves. I often meet and stay in frequent contact with the members. I feel lonely when I'm working alone. I often contact the members and say 'I'm bored' or 'come see me'," she said.
    "I'm grateful to celebrate T-ara's 10th anniversary. I'm grateful I could give our 10th anniversary greeting to my fans. I'm thankful to my fans, there's nothing I can say but thank you. I'm here right now because of my fans... I have an affectionate relationship with my fans." (Quoted from MyDaily.)
    When asked if there is anything special that was said after 10 years, she laughed "just 'good work', 'I enjoyed watching you', we often talk like this. We're close so we're harsh without hesitation."
    She said about T-ara, "my youth. My happiness and pain. I'm thankful looking back at the memories. I'm thankful there are people who recognize me even now. I miss the members I endured the time together with. The last time our name was called, I couldn't express myself properly. There are so many happy moments. I was happy to be T-ara and who I am now," she said as her eyes became red from tears.
    Recently choreographer Bae Yoonjung said on a radio program, "in T-ara Jiyeon's case, her dance line is pretty. She's quick to learn." Jiyeon said, "I heard. I felt so happy. I feel like a good student because I was acknowledged by my teacher. When we met again in the practice room, I wanted to do even better," she laughed.

    In regards to her character on 'I Wanna Hear Your Song', "Ha Eunjoo will say what she wants very confidently. Her costume, accessories, hair, style, etc. I paid a lot of attention to her appearance. There are a lot of people who think I have Eunjoo's style of personality, but not at all," she laughed.
    "I played a lot of student villains, this time I played an adult villain," Jiyeon laughed, "while filming, it was a little hard this time because there were many hitting scenes. Of course those who were hit had it harder and there was a lot of cursing too. That sort of thing was a little difficult and I always apologized afterwards."
    "In the past, I thought I wasn't affected by the comments, but I wasn't okay. It left a scar. It hurts every time I look. So this time, I didn't look. I tried to only look for my fans who supported and gave me strength. When I'm acting, I only listened to their words. I couldn't do it (look up comments) if I didn't want to be shaken."
    "I hope you can enjoy my acting now," Jiyeon said, "it was like I was trapped as T-ara's Jiyeon. I want to break through. Now I want to show you and challenge many things.

    "It's been a while so I was anxious at the first meeting and said 'it's been a long time, please help me a lot. I felt happy to be out in the field after so long, and even though it's over there's still a lingering. I didn't realize the drama was over. There weren't many scenes with all the actors together so it wasn't easy to get together," Jiyeon regretfully said.
    Jiyeon further added, "my confidence hit rock bottom. Everyone has a slump and I seem to have suffered one for two years. This drama pulled me out of it for the first time.  Filming went well so I think there's going to be a lot of memories."
    "In fact, before this drama, my hiatus was a dark and scary time. If I was fenced in for 10 years, it'd be even scarier. I didn't have confidence in anything. It was good for me come out and meet the actors and staff face to face and to laugh and talk."
    Jiyeon has also started a YouTube channel to meet with fans. "I wanted to communicate with my fans and show more of my every day life. During the drama I started a channel. I did the editing in the car while on the move. But the busier my schedules became the less attention I could give it so my fans became sad. I plan to start again right away."
    "Thank you for remembering me after a difficult time. I'm thankful to feel like this again. I hope it stays this good 10 years later. I wish to tell the fans I am here now because of them."
    Interview by Sport Chosun: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Photos by Osen.
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    james_b reacted to craZy in [19.10.01] Jiyeon talks about her new character, her distressing two year hiatus, and her relationship with T-ara, her company and fans   
    "Everyone goes through a slump. Now my heart says 'let's properly start again'. I want to greet everyone with a firm, steady and good image."
    After a 5 year break (T/N: excluding her Netflix drama), actress Jiyeon has returned. 'I Wanna Hear Your Song' is a mystery rom-com about a timpanist, played by Kim Sejeong, who lost her memory on the day of a murder and is searching for the truth with the help of a strange man. Jiyeon plays the role of the outspoken violinist, Ha Eunjoo.
    The last time Park Jiyeon came out as a solo artist was while T-ara was active. And the time she felt afraid, she fell into a slump. However, those times helped her become who she is today. "I've become more greedy. I feel happy now. I want to share it with the people beside me and have fun with many people."
    Zenith News met with Park Jiyeon at a cafe in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. After her work as an actress, Jiyeon revealed her plan to expand as a solo singer and other new activities.

    Q. It's been a while since we saw you on the small screen. You chose to return with 'I Wanna Hear Your Song'. It's an unusual choice.
    It's been a long time since I've done this. Regardless of the results, I met good people and was happy to be a part of it, I was happy. I think it will be a memorable project.
    Q. The drama combines various genres such as romance, comedy, mystery and thriller.
    It has mystery, rom-com, and music. In fact it's a difficult genre. I really wanted to challenge Ha Eunjoo's character of an attractive violinist.
    Q. Can you play any musical instruments?
    I can't play any instrument. Haha. I don't have such talents. Filming started in April and we filmed for 5 months. I practiced the violin for over a month. I played the violin for the first time. It was very difficult. I got a bruise on my chin. In fact, people who play the violin have traces on their jaw and collarbone.
    Q. What about Ha Eunjoo attracted you?
    I felt she was a cool, vengeful character who was outspoken with her words and actions. Especially when she hides her pain but expresses herself in front of loved ones, it was really touching. That day (in the drama) Eunjoo was put down all day, she couldn't even get in touch with the person she liked because he was with another woman. It was a one sided romance. It's a scene where a woman in love was really hurt.
    Q. Do you have any regrets about the romance?
    Eunjoo and Juwan's (Song Jaerim) relationship is very ambiguous. So there is a lot to be desired in their romance. As the mystery developed, Eunjoo didn't have a lot of parts. The writer held my hand and told me "I'm very sorry", but I don't think I was disappointed. In the long run it's just too bad because my heart wants to remember a lot of precious memories.
    Q. Is there something about Eunjoo you care to express?
    The writers and director said they wanted to be sure there was a contrast about the character. So that it could be easy to understand the character, I rehearsed with the other actors so that we were in sync. It's been a long time since I've worked, at the meeting before filming began, I told them "it's been a long time for me, there's a lot I don't know so I hope you'll help me". A lot of the staff really helped me. Everyone felt comfortable, and we had fun filming.

    Q. You returned to the small screen after a long time. Did the members of T-ara support you?
    We give each other feedback like "I enjoyed watching you. You worked hard." Haha. We're really like family. Between us, I'm the most straightforward. Without speaking, I can coolly tell all your feelings and worries.
    Q. I'm sure there was big expectation and reactions from fans.
    It's been 5 years since I've worked, my heart is sorry and I'm also very thankful. I couldn't read comments like feedback while I was working, but I didn't want to read or see as much as possible. I don't think I can get use to malicious comments. No matter how much hurt and pain I've endured, because when it hurts, it hurts. So I regained confidence and strength from the fans' reactions. They're very precious to me.
    And my parents liked it too. It's been a while since I've worked and I'm happy they enjoyed watching. For me, my fans and parents are very similar. They've been supporting, watching, and waiting for me with the same heart. I'm very thankful.
    Q. It's been a long time since you were out on the scene, has anything changed?
    Working hours. In the past, you would film overnight without sleep for months, now the atmosphere is better because of the law. If you can't sleep, continuous filming makes you sensitive. It's a good change that considers the safety of the staff and condition of the filming sites. There's a part in the drama where we filmed a murder case that could've been dangerous, it was done without any accidents. We talked about our good fortune at the finale party.
    Q. What was the filming site atmosphere like?
    We finished really well. There were many staff members I met 10 years ago. I met a lot of people from my other works like 'Master of Study'. They remember me playing "seobang, seobang". They were surprised to see me play the role of the outspoken Ha Eunjoo who hits people. It felt strange. Haha. When I didn't know any better, I could do it without fear, ignorance is bliss as they say, after I learned, I became more concerned. It was a place where I was very thankful for all the help.

    Q. It took a long time for you to return after T-ara's activities. Is there a reason?
    I think everyone goes through a slump. I had no motivation at the time. Why should I eat this, I was so exhausted I didn't know why I had to go out and meet people. I had no confidence, I couldn't do anything. I spent most of my time with my parents. And then I met my current company, we would often eat rice together. When things became hard, they helped me a lot. It was my company and work that pulled me out of it, they gave me confidence. I'm sincerely very thankful. I know the feeling again of meeting people face to face and working in the field. That made me so happy. Now I have the heart to "get started again". I want to greet everyone with a firm, steady and good image.
    Q. You referred to your hiatus as a slump. Was it the first time you went through that?
    It's not the first time. Like there are sad and gloomy days, this void felt the biggest. It was very dark. It was the time the T-ara members scattered and stood alone. I think it was the most frightening time ever. But I did not collapse thanks to my fans, I think I can see things with a wider perspective now.
    Q. The T-ara members are singers, you are making your way as an actress. Why did you make your first steps as an actress instead of a singer?
    There's no reason. I focused on showing myself as an actress first. I wanted to learn professionally. I received good care from my company. The people in my company are really good people. I could trust them because they wanted to see me happy. I became even more confident.
    Q. Do you plan to return to the stage as a singer?
    I've been preparing for an album for a long time. There was a communication issue with my Chinese company. I also stopped for a while in order to focus on the drama. Now that the drama is over, I plan to make a comeback by the end of November. I want to show fans a more cool Jiyeon on stage after a long time.

    Q. Any new works or character greed?
    Until this drama, it was always a one-sided romance in school. There were a lot of villains. But this is the first villain I played as an adult, I think that has a different charm. It suits me. Sometimes people ask me in surprise, "why do you seem so scary?" Haha.
    Next time, I want to try a lively rom-com. An upbeat role would suit my age right now. I want to try a calm story of people living in their 20s. I think I'm really greedy. Till now I've been a bad guy, I want to win a righteous friendly role, I want to do action well. I think there will be many opportunities. Before, I would be anxious and nervous, now my mind has grown broader. My thoughts have deepened.
    Q. Has your greed for activities grown?
    It's been a long time since I worked, I kept pushing myself. I wasn't satisfied with any activity. It didn't make sense to have an activity I was satisfied with, it was like I was too complacent. But I feel happy now, and I want to share it with the people beside me and have fun with many people.
    Q. Are there any regrets about your group activities? Recently Fin.KL reunited as a whole on JTBC's Camping Club.
    As someone who has been active in girl group for 10 years, it looks perfect. We're senior idols. In fact, we're in the process of uniting. We're progressing slowly so we can build our careers, I'd like it if we could do it at least once someday. I wish all the girl groups that are our friends could be active.
    Q. What are your plans for other entertainment programs?
    I want to do entertainment programs. But I think entertainment is the hardest. I want to challenge it, but for now I want to focus on my album. Can't I try it after it's done? Haha.
    Q. Your fans are a big presence to you. What does that mean?
    I'm here because of my fans. Really. My most precious beings. They're a big source of strength. Like a friend, sister or brother. I'm always sorry and grateful to them. I want to repay them with a loved image. I continue to be empowered because of our relationship.
    Q. Are there any plans for a fan meeting?
    Like a fan meeting, I think the closer we meet the better. My fans become happy and so do I. It's been a long time since I've been with my fans. It's an affectionate relationship. We've been through so much that we've become this close. They're a precious presence I learn a lot from and who always make me stronger.
    Q. What are your plans and goals for the future?
    I don't want anything more than what I have now. I think I am my happiest right now. Like now, I want to be happy with the people around me and I want to show you I am gradually perfecting and bettering myself. There is no greater greed. It's the best thing to do for the longest time. I've found happiness.
    Interview by Zenith News: Part 1, Part 2.
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    james_b reacted to craZy in [MAG] Eunjung for Men's Health May 2019 (05/07)   
    CREDIT: Men's Health Korea
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    james_b reacted to craZy in [19.03.02] 4K Videos - Hyomin Jazz Night Live Performance Fancams   
    CREDIT: YHS리락쿠마
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    james_b reacted to craZy in [PRESS] Eunjung Press Interview (10/12)   
    3 more to add~

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    james_b reacted to red4summer in [PRESS] Eunjung Press Interview (10/12)   
    [PRESS] Eunjung Press Interview (10/12)

    Credit: As Tagged + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    james_b reacted to red4summer in [WEIBO] Eunjung Update (08/27)   
    [WEIBO] Eunjung Update (08/27)
    I'm "Shin Yoon-ah" (!)

    Credit: Eunjung Weibo + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    james_b reacted to craZy in [DIADEM EXCL] T-ara at KBEE Korea-Vietnam Kpop Friendship Concert (11/08)   
    T-ara at KBEE Korea-Vietnam Kpop Friendship Concert (11/2017)

    CREDIT: CornOppa + tiaradiadem.com
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    james_b reacted to red4summer in [PRESS] T-ARA Concert in Vietnam (11/04)   
    [PRESS] T-ARA Concert in Vietnam (11/04)


    Credit: Kenh14 + Tiin + + SaoStar + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    james_b reacted to BabyMaknae in [17.06.21] T-ara's 1st win in 5 years and 4 months, "we can't believe it... tears from our fans' love."   
    [17.06.21] T-ara's 1st win in 5 years and 4 months, "we can't believe it... tears from our fans' love."

    T-ara received their first #1 trophy in 5 years. They continued to cry but they were very open about their feeling in front of us.
    On the morning of the 21st, Hyomin conducted an interview with TV Report on behalf of T-ara. Hyomin revealed her feelings on receiving the top spot on SBS MTV The Show on the 20th.
    Hyomin said "we were not expecting to win at all. We went up on stage without any expectations. We only thought to perform our What's My Name stage well. We always stand at the back every time during the winner announcement, but since we were nominated for 1st place, we had to stand in the front. And then our name was called. It felt surreal receiving the trophy.
    The nominees that day were T-ara, for What's My Name, Astro for Baby, and FT Island for Wind. But we could only see Hyomin, Jiyeon, and Qri up on stage. Eunjung had a schedule for filming MBC daily drama All Kinds of Daughter-in-Laws.
    Hyomin said, "the moment they called out T-ara, the three of us just looked at each other. We couldn't believe it. After we barely did the encore stage, we stepped down the stage. It just felt surreal. We still couldn't believe it. Our fans showed even more enthusiasm than us. They bought a cake in rush and threw a celebration party for us. Everything is thanks to our fans. Thank you." She began to tear up again.
    Following T-ara's debut in 2009, they promoted as top singers. However, after the snake's Hwayoung's departure, there were caught up in nasty scandal and they couldn't produced any more hit songs. But, in June 2017, T-ara once again rose to become the #1 singers.
    Source: Naver
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    james_b reacted to craZy in [17.06.21] "I called Eunjung as soon as we won, but she was already crying." Swollen eyes during SNL Korea filming.   
    [17.06.21] "I called Eunjung as soon as we won, but she was already crying." Swollen eyes during SNL Korea filming.

    "We really didn't imagine we'd win. We didn't expect it at all so we were so shocked when they called our name. It was an unexpected win so we were flooded with tears and couldn't say anything at the award speech, but we're really thankful. I remember our last win was at Music Bank with Lovey Dovey. At that time we won while we were busy promoting in Japan so we were really thankful, but I think this win will be more memorable. I think it's impossible to win again in the future."
    I called Eunjung as soon as we won, but she was already crying. We comforted each other, we told her she shouldn't cry because she has filming ahead."
    Regarding the meaning of their tears "we just teared up all of a sudden. We teared up during the showcase as well so we made a promise between us to not cry again but... I think we can't bear our tears any more." She smiled.
    Regarding their SNL filming, "we're in the midst of filming right now. Our eyes are swollen because we cried so much yesterday. We're trying to lessen the swelling with ice packs. We should make today a laughing day instead of a crying day."
    About their fans. "Our fans were so happy about our win. We cried so much inside so we got out late but they were waiting for us outside with a cake. We teared up as soon as we saw our fans but we held it in until the end. I'm sorry for making our fans cry so much."
    "We want to thank our families who silently stayed by our side throughout that time. Also thanks so much to our company staff members who are always working hard for T-ara. In the future, we'll work hard to make you feel proud of being a T-ara fan."
    Source: Naver
    Translation by: transbot
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    james_b reacted to red4summer in [PRESS] Eunjung @ Incheon Airport Departure to Thailand Ko Samui   
    Can't remember where I saw it but it should be somewhere in April.
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    james_b reacted to red4summer in [16.09.17] Video - T-ARA Great China Tour Concert In Shanghai   
    [16.09.17] Video - T-ARA Great China Tour Concert In Shanghai
    Credit: Kpop现场版 + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    james_b reacted to red4summer in [PRESS] T-ARA @ Incheon Airport departure to Beijing (05/20)   
    [PRESS] T-ARA @ Incheon Airport departure to Beijing (05/20)

    Credit: "As Tagged" + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    james_b reacted to red4summer in [PRESS] 160511 Eunjung @ Coca Cola 130th Anniversary Photo Exhibition Event   
    [PRESS] 160511 Eunjung @ Coca Cola Event

    Credit: "As Tagged" + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    james_b got a reaction from Steven83iu in [16.04.26] Video - SBS Star King (Eunjung)   
    This is just a test..copied the code under the Dailymotion page - Share tab - Get Embedded code..aand the result looks like this:

    160426 SBS Star King (Eunjung) - HD by red4aoa
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    james_b got a reaction from ombegemx in [16.03.12] Video - Bokbulbok Makeup Show (Hyomin & Qri feat. Eunjung) (Eng Sub) - V Live   
    Qri is so~ lovely and lively in these unofficial occasions. I'd like to see more her like that also in official interviews etc, she's often so quiet and looks sometimes even a bit shy, there's no reason for that
    @Steven83iu   google search gave  복불복 means good results or bad works happen according to a man’s luck, dunno if true
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    james_b reacted to Uncle fan in [16.02.25] Hyomin shows off her upgraded sexy charms in teaser photos for 2nd album, Sketch   
    As an uncle fan I have to say I'm a little disappointed she is depending so much on the sexy image.  She is a talented performer and I wish she could get the big sales on that alone.  She is more than a sexy girl.  It's sad that this is how she has to get attention to her talent.  She is without a doubt a beautiful and sexy young woman, but she is also much more.
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    james_b reacted to red4summer in [PRESS] T-ARA @ Incheon Airport to Nanjing via Shanghai (12/04)   
    [PRESS] T-ARA @ Incheon Airport to Nanjing via Shanghai (12/04)


    Credit: TVReport + TVDaily + Newsen + MBNStar + "As Tagged" + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    james_b reacted to red4summer in [PRESS] T-ARA @ Hallyu Centre Awards (11/25)   
    [PRESS] T-ARA @ Hallyu Centre Awards (11/25)

    Ambassador Appointment Ceremony


    Credit: BNT + eNews + Newsen + Osen + Segye + SportsChosun + TVDaily + "As Tagged" + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    james_b reacted to ily_shannon in [IG] Coca Cola Korea Update feat. Eunjung (05/09)   
    [iG] Coca Cola Korea Update feat. Eunjung (05/09)


    Credit: Coca Cola Korea IG + ily_shannon + tiaradiadem

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    james_b got a reaction from damngood in [15.04.27] Video - [Naked 4show] Four letter talk with Eunjung! (Yang Jiwon, Hyomin, Baek Sung Hyun)   
    [Naked 4show] Let Us Go Through History of Eun Jungs Da...
    Eunjung!  Another vid from the same channel from a couple days ago.
    Not yet posted anywhere I suppose.

    credit: Mnet@youtube
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