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  1. OMOOOO Eunjung looks so fine, and I love Hyomin's makeup
  2. Are they gonna sing trot? Reminds me of Crayon Pop hahaha
  3. Does this mean that she'll have to learn chinese? Or it'll be korean? Poor dino doesn't get along with new languages that well
  4. I'm really looking forward to this. I really like Eunjungas much as Hyomin and Hwayoung, so I hope this will help to heal wounds from both sides.
  5. Makross

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    Can I get it as 50 post prize? Username: Makross Award I want: Sunny Bunny Achievement: 50 posts I also want Username: Makross Award I want: T-ara N4 Achievement: proof
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    Can I ask for a Sunny badge today xD?
  8. Makross

    [IG] Jiyeon's Instagram Update (03/16)

    Wow, this side is so rare to see. She looks so pretty
  9. Makross

    [IG] Eunjung Update (02/27)

    Popcorn icecream seems to be pretty popular Could it be the same friend that appeared in Star Life Theater?
  10. I thought, by the tone of the OP, that the difficulties to meet the projects were related to actual support from diadems, like people heading from one project to others (from diadem to dots, and viceversa). Thanks for clearing that up.
  11. How does this new regulation from MBK affect other projects like those from fansites (dots, etc)? Since they do birthday projects too, could that be a reason why "certain projects/supports possible have become difficult to meet over the past year or so"?
  12. Makross

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  13. With the upcoming (duh) comebacks of Speed, Seunghee appearing in the new survival show after the F-ve dolls hiatus, etc, The name 'Don't forget me' sounds very fitting, don't you guys think?
  14. The stream was kinda choppy for me. Thanks for the uploads!
  15. Makross

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