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  1. i love when she said the album is so hyomin. yes, i like the solo album can show more personality rather then a group feel. But the challenge genre is in her soul already, i think not only her but every member like / no fear to try new style, i think this is so call t-ara spirit.
  2. daebak, really hope like you said, more is even better. I just know yesterday she said this come back solo album is nearly a complete album set. and I also wish t-ara this come back with the 2nd absolutely complete album.
  3. thanks for sharing. then may I know do you know total how many songs in this solo album?
  4. daebak, thanks thai queen's take care well and show support to eunjung.
  5. Beijing? May I know is she and other members has schedul in China?
  6. thanks for sharing. dun knew how members skill but think they need to work hard as their opponents are semi-finalists players.
  7. thanks. yes, this really no something to share it, anyway we still follow them.
  8. may i know as i heard rumor that t-ara failed already? is it correct?
  9. thanks for sharing. Seem like boram's dad is the mc? boram didn't came?
  10. today morning. they take flight going to china for record the show already. May I know where is china's area they going to record the variety show ' best brain ' ? as recently I heard some china's areas like Beijing etc haze are quite serious now.
  11. not sure, I only just know lee min-ho is the first Korean artist performance in cctv spring festival gala.
  12. thanks for sharing. so mean, t-ara still has one test to overcome to go in the china spring festival gala show loh.
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