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  1. I not worry about their Japanese skills. they can well conversation to j-queen's without translator.
  2. is this all? just really sad that t-ara and other idols work so hard, so long ( over night ) and easy to injure but in the end the air time is just few minutes or just seconds only
  3. may i know does anyone know is it the 6 ost songs still will sing by t-ara individual members? as the teaser for soyeon and qri background music is from dia. i very afraid the ost will change to dia.
  4. The only good thing is they are much more stronger in all-round after ' the rumors '. after all these years, with t-ara and queen's, they are better and better, step by step climbing up again to pursue their dream.
  5. I thought they will stay in Malaysia ( penang ) until Tuesday ( 29/9 ) but is better as now Malaysia haze pollution is serious again. they just look like couple.
  6. ohh yeah. as Malaysian, it is so excited that t-ara come to visit malaysia. we have plenty awesome food and scenery they can view. and since they like spices sure they won't disappoint our local food. doesn't matter is concert ( of cause, the best is concert ), showcase or fans-meeting, i sure will join.
  7. dun knew. maybe venue problem. for the mysterious & questionable concert schedule - next venue should be in shen yang. but recently there ( stadium ) already book by other artist for prepare concert and also will be using for a competition for china soccer team with another country. maybe consider this, the organizer need to find other location for the concert. by this is just my think. @D-man for the ticket, I think you can find t-ara china and tarabar to look for more information, as the organizers approached them to promote this concert. if I find anything regard this concert, I will also inform you.
  8. thanks for sharing . action movie? jiyeon must be very excited as she always think to film a action movie.
  9. movie filming? never heard before, may i know do you have more detail information?
  10. thanks for sharing. the organizer such has confidence to t-ara so late to announce. only 1 mth to prepare
  11. hahaha, can't stop laughing when one of queen's said this is t-ara on power rangers concept.
  12. Malaysia queen's also highly demand t-ara come to Malaysia. Can them appearing in Malaysia also? seriously, is this the official poster? wish the organizer can release more quality posters.
  13. yes, really surprise when knew it, last time also know that she legs and feet has problem in this show ( as too much time wearing high heeled for dancing, and I strongly suspect not only her all members has this kind of problem ). not only her I now more concern all other members especially soyeon and boram. hope all them healthy in all the times.
  14. yes, and she is more charisma on the stage. rap, sing and dance perfectly.
  15. hyomin is really hardworking practice to make this perfect first pitch.
  16. they always like this, after showcase, concert or live performance, normally we will heard they said they are regret as think the performance can be better. but like jiyeon said, they quite happy for the ' so crazy ' come back, as this is a song to bring more joy to fans. they also had the chance to engage and interact with fans like plenty fan services and saw fans wore sunflowers to show support. in the end, they just happy both had fun for this time come back.
  17. t-ara are well model to any rookie group even for any people also. i really like when eunjung said ' Our music is somehow our greatest weapon. ' and no only music, they also take part in variety shows - either guess or mc and drama. all of them are well artist.
  18. hahaha, t-ara style. why they often promote others when in their promotion period and interviewing?
  19. really touch when heard this. but need more careful as both parties need a lot tonic to get well and become healthy wish all members and theirs families all healthy and happiness. and queens's also.
  20. Thanks for sharing. Most like is the beginning that mention between the queen's and t-ara interactive. ' “please wait for us, we are having an interview.” 30 minutes later, the members went to look for the male student and took a group picture with him. They also asked about his school and which grade he was studying in before wishing him good luck and asking him to study hard. ' this is so sweet and touch. the queen's doesn't know the how many times for the interview but he willing to wait as t-ara said please wait for them. and after interviewed, our girls as promised look for the queen's not only fulfill he wish and give him more caring. this is a connection link between t-ara and queen's. like eunjung said they are more confidence and show more caring to queen's, will think and do a lot fanservice to queen's, like sns sharing, members ship together etc.
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