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  1. gunsolex

    [15.06.20] Fancam - T-ARA Nanjing Concert

    Thank you for the compilation, really appreciate it.
  2. gunsolex

    [IG] Hyomin's Instagram Update (05/29)

    She looks real stunning in that outfit, and this one of the rare occasions she is smiling so happily. Thanks for the update.
  3. As much as I love Eunjung, this is so far from what I expected. Quite a disappointment.
  4. gunsolex

    [NEW] Diadem Awards!

    Username: gunsolex Award I want: Queen's Award Logo Achievement: Donor
  5. gunsolex

    [IG] Hyomin's Instagram Update (04/03)

    Glad to see that she is taking a break and enjoying her time, it's always good to take a break from time to time.
  6. gunsolex

    [AD/PROMO] Hyomin for DK Eyewear (03/30)

    Holy...she looks so good at the top right picture, that seductive and attractive look.
  7. gunsolex

    [FANTAKEN] T-ARA @ Changi Airport (03/30)

    Hyomin is looking good as usual, glad that they arrived and departed safely.
  8. Finally the news that I have been waiting for! Eunjung definitely has the charisma to go solo debut and I am sure it will be a good one.
  9. gunsolex

    [FACEBOOK] Eunjung Goes Solo (03/27)

    FINALLY?! I have been waiting for this for a long time! She will definitely not disappoint us given how good she is. It seems like T-ara is slowly moving on to solo debut for most of their members. Hoping to see Soyeon next! Can't wait to see Eunjung on stage!
  10. How I wish I could go....It's just an hour away. For those who are going, have fun.
  11. gunsolex

    [PICS] T-ARA Recorded For Fashion King S3 (03/25)

    Glad to see that they are working hard, looking forward to watching this!
  12. gunsolex

    [PRESS] Hyomin at 2015 F/W Fashion Week (Jain Song) (03/24)

    Looking great in all these photos! Hope to see more of her!
  13. She is nothing but gorgeous in all these photos, that smile of hers is a killer.
  14. gunsolex

    [IG] Hyomin & Jiyeon at allure korea Instagram Update (03/21)

    Both of them are looking good here! Jiyeon's outfit is just sexy.
  15. gunsolex

    [IG] Jiyeon Update (03/20)

    Thanks for the clarification, was kinda confused at first. Doesn't matter which hairstyle she goes with, she will still look good.
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