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  1. Also, it is also nice that Hyomin had a say in this comeback! At least, we know, she likes and loves this comeback!!!
  2. Hoping that your wishes will soon come true. PD-nim, give Jiyeon a chance to show her talents!
  3. Good luck Hyomin! We will always support you!!! Queen's will support you!
  4. Congrats to both of you! Looking forward to the next giveaway event of Diadem :)
  5. Wow! T-ara helping each other out ) #T-araTeamWork And the technical problem is... )
  6. Qri is part of the choreography ) So proud ) Hyo-Leader fighting!
  7. Wah! T-ara play games now!!! Despite their heavy schedules, they're still able to make time to play WOWs. <3 T-ara jjang <3 #T-ARAXWOWS #Qri #Boram #Soyeon #Eunjung #Hyomin #jiyeon #T.ARA
  8. Waah!!! So beautiful and cool and elegant. T-ara is really good at photo shoots :D
  9. So Crazy MV gain 7 million!

  10. They are all so beautiful! The three Parks joined forces! T-ara fighting :) btw, where is Boram and Qri, and Eunjung?
  11. Qri! Is so pretty here, clicking the link to see the rest of the members
  12. I thought T-ara as a group made an official instagram account ^^
  13. Waah! Is is this an official recording? It's really clear!
  14. Until when will Eunjung keep her hair long? Missing her short hair
  15. Yes! Overseas movie for Eunjung!!! Fighting! I hope the movie do well in theaters!!! and hoping that Thai Queen's support this film and of course they will ^^ Loves!!!
  16. So happy for them but the age gap is bit...but there is a saying Age doesn't matter...Still happy for Jiyeon!
  17. Jiyeon is dating Lee Donggun!

  18. Why didn't they (SBS?) broadcast T-ara's Little Apple performance...it was fun though! Anyways I love Elsie!
  19. Did Elsie performed her three songs in the album? Hope she does! Fighting Eunjung (ELSIE)! I hope you had a rest!
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