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  1. @GloriousAllianc Who names these literary beasts? #Dante #Emily (Bronte) #Heathcliff

  2. @hyologist a taeyang song that was really popular for a while. I just didn't get it.

  3. @_Scyphozoa Late reply, but precisely.

  4. @MamaJ1101 I saw him on SMTM. He'd have to be talked down from his rage fits. And he wouldn't show up to practices… https://t.co/bjkBE2YxVN

  5. RT @Rschooley: She said I was the best American she ever had. https://t.co/AcQOKeSECd

  6. @reereeria I will happily take that black shirt and keep unwashed forever.

  7. @GloriousAllianc Aw, bless. big hug to Smoothie.

  8. .@Siantlark FYI. ? https://t.co/eWwgJ2bzyu

  9. RT @Orangey34: Never forget #Jaehyo #BlockB https://t.co/veQ38ZV9cD

  10. Punny. https://t.co/peT9JiWMZu

  11. RT @dylanlscott: A big problem for Rs claiming Medicaid caused or worsened the opioid crisis: the timeline https://t.co/aTdBGfzBGw https:/…

  12. This was AMAZING. https://t.co/ctlRRTHuQG

  13. @NewKDramaAddict May we have many, many kpop concerts.

  14. RT @Jezebel: The New York Times's Vice exposé has arrived https://t.co/I0KTvXXC2z https://t.co/jz1ge9CKLZ

  15. RT @Refinery29: Why we need to pay attention to the responses that assault survivors who are women of color receive: https://t.co/GuW2E5he…

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