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  1. Blackpink & Twice are coming back to make sure we're dead https://t.co/hdPOVLQli9

  2. @Jazz4yow I honestly hope that helped even abit

  3. I just have the urge to tickle Momo

  4. RT @dah__mo: Ill just drop this here. #HIRAIMOMO YALL. https://t.co/972Crv2YuD

  5. The ratchet and clank movie was okaay ish I wish it was written better tho

  6. RT @caraMeruMomo: ?? #BlackpinkHouse #BLACKPINK #블랙핑크 #JENNIE #blackpinkfanart #제니 https://t.co/wQH58glkaH

  7. RT @whippedforLisax: Hey blinks, especially filipino blinks! Thinking of a project for #BLACKPINK 's comeback. Do you want too see them at…

  8. RT @caleedc: If you had to show a cover from BLACKPINK to someone who doesn't know them at all, which would you play?

  9. @ANNYEONGAMZ These guessin games r fun lol do it again sometime

  10. RT @TheGoogleFactz: I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me.

  11. RT @baetoujours: The male fan who cut Irene’s photocards decided to put it back and tape it saying he no longer hates Irene... I’m- ok dude…

  12. No one's updating their fics im gonna cry

  13. RT @SerriBargain: i'm literally speechless...our girl has worked for 6 years receiving nothing....and now she was standing on a stage by he…

  14. Is that Yamada Ryousuke in the Fullmetal alchemist live action

  15. Can Blackpink & 2ne1 take a pic together

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