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  1. RT @kazuki4321234: キュリさんも帰りま~す。 ありがとうございました! #t_ara #Qri https://t.co/QP4Qj1vz0K

  2. RT @billboard: The 40 best K-pop deep cuts of the decade so far (critics' picks) https://t.co/paSEJzZKpU https://t.co/Dgq8RI9JqL

  3. RT @Tamittle: @QriPretty 그렇게 우리 소연 언니 진짜 슬프게 만들었어요 ㅠㅠ https://t.co/gUwjSQQg4u

  4. RT @cheeky_gif: #더유닛 #아이엠 #IM #김기중 #기중 #KIJOONG ?https://t.co/iW0p4I0HVp https://t.co/p6rEzCT4YT

  5. RT @95FourJ_: [INDOSUB] 20171104 T-ARA Video + Talk + 20090729 di Konser Vietnam: https://t.co/xOV7WkjfKE via @YouTube

  6. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ https://t.co/W0BF7Y3dhE

  7. RT @akRldkEh0729: 은민 무대 중에 제일 좋아했던 무대라고ㅠㅜㅠ 보고 나면 폭풍오열하고 있는 나 자신 발견할 수 있음 https://t.co/mcmzRswDjU

  8. RT @kwnsjiyong: HIS LAUGHTER IS THE CUTEST SOUND OHMY GOD https://t.co/X95WuA7OXx

  9. ?? download https://t.co/FIbVhv6yPw

  10. RT @DIA_intl: [INFO] 170927 #DIA will make a comeback on 12th October with a repackage album titled "Gift" (선물). https://t.co/NlpYyUSND3…

  11. RT @heros3377: Hyomin with Kim Eunkyoung (eunbling_ek instagram) https://t.co/uiysneaquH

  12. RT @wouldyoulike67: #지연 #JIYEON cr. DaftTaengk https://t.co/rC105goffB https://t.co/rBYPXMzYti https://t.co/cpZ5JWFWFx https://t.co/2QGhamb…

  13. RT @PhatGirl65: ของานแบบนี้ที่ไทยบ้าง #효민 #hyomin https://t.co/AEcDhcCaqn https://t.co/eTV6rnsoP9

  14. RT @MoonLoversSBS: Can't wait for this scene!! Wang So & Hae Soo

  15. @tiaradiadem @dailymotion i love diadem ♡♡♡♡

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