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  1. RT @Jysj0729: 벌써 일주일 지났어ㅠㅠㅠ 보고싶다~~~~~!!!!!!!!! https://t.co/BAyPApNno3

  2. RT @6araIG: Jiyeon? Instagram 오늘 함께해서 너무 행복했어요 감사해요 징징이들?❤️ https://t.co/2mdfOR3kuc https://t.co/mlquGUVjaC

  3. RT @t_araspain95: [INFO/CONFIRMADO] #Eunjung ha sido seleccionada para aparecer en el nuevo drama de horror y romance 'Lovely Horribly'. Se…

  4. RT @taraimages55: T-ara ? ? ? https://t.co/9iG6TRFEny

  5. Good Morning My Jungie #Eunjung Hahm ?.?.?.?.? https://t.co/rFK3DSOQse

  6. RT @tarasnaps: [EUNJUNG WEIBO(2P)] taraej0729: 好久不见了。很想见大家。晚安? 做个好梦 ? ​ https://t.co/uMLBPtghCI #kpopsnaps https://t.co/2CILL41d4z

  7. RT @Kkokook3: @Hiro405920 ひろさん、おはよウンジョン名人です??☀️ 今日も暑くなりそうですね? ゆっくり休養して明日からの研修頑張って下さいませ~☺️ 今日も元気でfighting ? 宜しくお願いします?⤵️ https://t.co/65eBZ…

  8. RT @t_araspain95: [TRADUCCIÓN] Comentarios en Naver sobre la nueva canción de #Jiyeon 'Way Back Home'. Comentarios también sobre el perfil…

  9. RT @kazu930607: J B-Day D-63 20170302 T-ARA Special Showcase in Japan #TARA #JIYEON #티아라 #지연 #毎日ジヨン #Queens #9x3+6-7 #ForeverTARA #Foreve…

  10. 6Ara Hyomin ,Qri ,Boram, Soyeon, Jiyeon ,Eunjung ❤️.?.? https://t.co/c9UwND15gx

  11. RT @t_araspain95: Good night Queen's~ Waiting for our 6 angels ? Buenas noches Queen's~ Esperamos a nuestras 6 ángeles ? https://t.co/kTL1…

  12. RT @hama180924: Lovely Boram~、元気でっか~??? #ボラム #boram #t_ara https://t.co/ifQRgMV6VJ

  13. RT @TARAparkjy: Good morning GEMster ? Ayo sarapan duluuu~ ? https://t.co/LJonMAhEFD

  14. My Jungie Beautiful ???? https://t.co/C6HUY4I28d

  15. RT @DaniDante5: Definition of T-ara Family: This family Contain 6 Angels and Queen's.Although they may from different Nations with differen…

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