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  1. Me gustó un video de @YouTube https://t.co/mBWiqKzpnT ¿¿POR QUE LA COMUNIDAD MOVIL ES TAN TOXICA?? ?? | OPINION PERSONAL |

  2. same ? https://t.co/WlG8Bn21Le

  3. Me gustó un video de @YouTube https://t.co/p8FquI7jMI Razihel - Love U [NCS Release]

  4. RT @soka_Queens: Waiting for next week to hear the good news from Hyomin https://t.co/y6kWe6Y27A

  5. RT @shadzbebs: Yeah TWICE is Overworked...BUT T-ARA was SUPER-OVERWORKED....talked about KILLER SCHEDULE...this is T-ara's Killer Schedule…

  6. Me gustó un video de @YouTube https://t.co/gj3paxZaH2 Ravenscode - My Escape

  7. RT @rwby_rubbles: Y'all better not forget that T-ara made a post-apocalyptic drama with their song Day by Day https://t.co/ryH30Q6C5C

  8. Me gustó un video de @YouTube https://t.co/VjEHWRnous Melanie Martinez - Milk and Cookies (Official Instrumental)

  9. RT @Iris_Queens: 7 years that i support T-ara. Always in my heart girls. i'm so proud of you ❤ My First Tattoo ~ #QueensSelcaday https://…

  10. RT @FactsOfSchool: Remember when u thought ppl in their 20s were adults..now we're all in our 20s just kinda fumbling around bumping into t…

  11. RT @EmrgencyKittens: remembering a responsibility u forgot about https://t.co/3uYKU5orJF

  12. RT @AegyoOff: How to annoy a Queen’s https://t.co/GqfGrG1i3z

  13. It's #MyTwitterAnniversary! I have been on Twitter for 8 years (since 6 Feb 2010). And you? https://t.co/t4a9nABTVB

  14. Me gustó un video de @YouTube https://t.co/YTmBOrZV8n [JING'S TV] 2016셀캠모음

  15. Me gustó un video de @YouTube https://t.co/fbbf1myy59 Sakura Nagashi - Utada Hikaru You can (Not) Redo

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