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  1. RT @ritmosman: Navson https://t.co/9SCyk2XSkA

  2. RT @Soyeon4ever214: Y'all been hoping wishing PRAYING for T-ara to disband since 2012 yet they're still here. Sorry antis, stay pressed.…

  3. Me gustó un video de @YouTube https://t.co/N5WdtKqK88 Ashlee Simpson - Pieces Of Me

  4. God i wish i never spoke now i gotta wash my mouth with soap ?

  5. RT @librosdemivida: RT si todavía te sabes esta canción... https://t.co/k1edJitUfW

  6. RT @legendayeri: I still don't know how T-ara do Lovey Dovey in heels, some people can't even stand in them and they shuffle in them

  7. RT @Prostituitshion: Lo mejor de volver a casa. https://t.co/wgTz9fO9Jc

  8. RT @spreadwings15: The feelings you should feel seeing T-ara's Queens taking the lead is MOTIVATION. Learn from them. They are hella built…

  9. @tiarafactstr And Tiamo (?) https://t.co/yVOUWpOgNt

  10. RT @SimsProbIems: Summer goals ☀️ https://t.co/3TUlgaInTm

  11. RT @sarahjorden_: I JUST WANTED A VIDEO OF THE CATS PLAYING AND THEN ?!!!?? https://t.co/j6EGWvCtBt

  12. RT @Jaster18: According to News.Nate, T-ara's upcoming mini album will consist in 9 songs: "My name is" + 2 songs + 4 solos + Chinese Ver +…

  13. RT @FIirtationship: how do people even notice these things ? https://t.co/UFpBEhr2EG

  14. RT @t_araOT6: LOL Boram is almost the same height as the little girl (and she had high heels) ??? #TIAMO #SHOWCASE https://t.co/md9v8BgxM2

  15. RT @valeqn14_6: Y es así como mi vida de fangirl se fue al reverendo carajo. https://t.co/tVwzNLEHH7

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