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  1. RT @fukyuowaon: new kpop stans, here's what you missed: the best collaboration in the entire music history https://t.co/AdV8PgTOsg

  2. RT @Ineffablemoment: 180408 ☁ #TAEYEON #태연 https://t.co/RtdweYSdrQ https://t.co/TPZnHDBADg https://t.co/ItwqEHE654 https://t.co/gWCruEq7Us…

  3. RT @SNSDChartsbr: The only K-pop girl groups to have five or more songs with +3M digital sales so far: #PremiosMTVMIAW #MTVBRKPOPGG @GirlsG…

  4. RT @SonexStella: Poor Prince. It ain’t easy being Tiffany’s dog. ??? https://t.co/YhNfxt3FpX

  5. RT @xotiffanysmiles: my heart https://t.co/cqzv64tmiP

  6. RT @mbeeediL: She missed Kim Gu Ra.. lol And of course T-ara's debut in Radio Star will always becomes legendary story of a rookie group..…

  7. RT @SOSHlREVEL: Sooyoung and her wise words about foods. Truly a shikshin ? https://t.co/v4oVHRvpIb

  8. RT @heros3377: Longzhen CEO is still T-ARA fan haha https://t.co/MgsU0jFEhU

  9. RT @eunyeon_adik: t-ara killed two things tonight tru sns... 1-they clear their name having contact w/ wsc cause its obvious they need t…

  10. RT @soojungforehead: HOLY JUNG KRYSTAL https://t.co/PbxG5zVf4x

  11. RT @sehinha: so I was watching goblin today and her words were heartwarming #YouDidWellJonghyun https://t.co/Bd9SO1fEbF

  12. RT @_kimtaeyeons: Sones spending money to propose and show their love to SNSD (Tiff and Yoona as of now?) bc there's no albums, concerts et…

  13. RT @_kimtaeyeons: "I will be a singer, songwriter and a producer who considers the value of music more than the value of digitals" spoken…

  14. RT @OH_mes: kids these days with their 1080p subtitled full length youtube videos. well back in MY day we had to download parts .001, .002,…

  15. RT @dorky_dork09: "Omygosh, okay. i'm gonna slap some breasts hihihihi" I hate myself https://t.co/kzvf54svFV

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