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  1. Jiyeon = fighting + dancing + singing + slaying = perfect

  2. Jiyeon = fighting + dancing + singing +slaying = perfect

  3. Me too! and since when are you jiyeon-biased? >.> I thought it's always Soyeon
  4. I received mine today I am so happy, staring at jiyeon's printed picture all day Thank you so much!
  5. I love Jiyeon the top left picture looks great ^-^ she looks like she is praying for our love so sexy
  6. What? How dare they give the ugliest woman to Jiyeon who is the visual of Korea? ...giving it to the #1 most prettiest female idol irl voted by male idol...well I guess since she is talented woman, I will let it slip
  7. Jiyeon = fighting + dancing + singing = perfect

  8. OMG YES they are going to be super BIG in China! Woot! XD At least those judges were not jerks
  9. Jiyeon lost to Jessica for the Yahoo Asia BUZZ 2015 award :'(

  10. Baby dino don't cry T.T ... it's okay you can have more time to work on other projects and take care of yourself!
  11. Why >.>? something wrong with me being a winner? although I am surprised too XD
  12. Thank you ^^ and damn how do you get those signs ?
  13. Vote for Jiyeon for Top30亞洲人氣偶像, she is currently first, let's keep this up until Dec 9, 2015 :D

  14. So nice ^^ I wish I could meet them in real life, especially Jiyeon T.T
  15. Vote for Park Jiyeon for '100 Most Beautiful Faces 2015' TC Candler ‪#‎100Faces‬ ‪#‎ParkJiYeon

  16. Jiyeon proposed to Eunjung! T.T me super jelly...https://youtu.be/cUcslxq9mtA

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