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  1. @fromyou_9 what is the "check real name" thing, something about ipin and other i don't understand i can't join...

  2. RT @Dota2WTF: Special 2M Subscribers, 25 Arcana & 25 Terrain GIVEAWAY, RT + Follow to enter. Happy Christmas ^^ https://t.co/ZF7Z3RPY2n

  3. wahaaa can't wait to watch this... waiting for subs...
  4. is this for sbs gayo daejun???... why only 5 of them???...
  5. is this a magazine cover???... anyway they are totally cute...
  6. she is so cute... too bad i don't have a weibo... thank you for the update pic anyway...
  7. ahhh soooo cuteeeee!!!... she's just perfect!!!...
  8. happy birthday eunjung nunaaa!!!... hope next year will be better for you...
  9. @PenyaIndoBarca nanti di siarin rcti gak barca vs rayo nya???…

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