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    안녕하세요!!!!! I'm new here.. Hope you guys can help me all the time I need... Please take care of me..
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  1. RT @GirlsGeneration: 태연 'Something New' #TAEYEON #태연 #SomethingNew #GirlsGeneration https://t.co/kDHGlpkkbJ

  2. RT @taraeunjung1212: 토요일 저녁, 엄마랑 오랜만에 영화데이트❤️ 앉자마자 핸드폰 끄시는 중ㅋㅋ… https://t.co/FccDEUKd1g

  3. RT @taraeunjung1212: 함께하진 못하지만 많은 분들께서 찾아주시고 즐거운 시간 보내시길 바랄게요… https://t.co/XSbcTjhJ2o

  4. RT @sjhsjh0628: #이마트 #피코크 기부천사 스낵세트 전달식? 좋은일 함께할 수 있어서 감사하고 뜻깊은… https://t.co/g2l3MmOemi

  5. RT @taraeunjung1212: 고마워어 ?? #elsie3th #2015 https://t.co/LIaxMip4EG

  6. RT @llama_ajol: Thank you @Jeff__Benjamin to taking time to have a heart to heart with me and share my story ? https://t.co/BvDTeMAt7H

  7. RT @llama_ajol: LIFELINEEEEEEEEE OUT NOW!!!!! https://t.co/cCuGu10BFd

  8. RT @llama_ajol: ROGUE ROUGE MIXTAPE RELEASE SCHEDULE! #roguerougemixtape Socials in my BIO! https://t.co/fcBmYg6hYm https://t.co/T91eIJc…

  9. RT @taraeunjung1212: Windy day https://t.co/XhbbxgVYon

  10. RT @taraeunjung1212: 내동생은 생각많다개..? https://t.co/bxwM3gZkfN

  11. RT @SonexStella: [TRANS] Seohyun comment to Sooyoung: Kyaaaack, you worked so, so hard, Roory unnie ??? https://t.co/Sf9hEuHpVq

  12. RT @KidTaengooo: Yeah!! I know your idol is #cute ? But.... Have you seen #SNSDManager ??? She's #SuperCute ❤ #SNSD #GG #SONE #SOSHI #Indi…

  13. RT @sjhsjh0628: 현모닝? https://t.co/GylQNayof3

  14. Happy birthday to our cutie pretty Qri and our sleeping beauty Eunjung ??????????????? Queens… https://t.co/gjRcaJgraN

  15. Happy birthday Yuri ?????????????? Love you always… https://t.co/vQkUBt7HKj

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