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  1. Hi there, I'm a little slow but thanks for uploads / sharing
  2. Soyeon has been added too now she back from holiday https://youtu.be/yrw28ClcL8g
  3. batButt_bb

    [AD/PROMO] T-ARA for Celucasn (10/05)

    Rambo so cute Eunjung killer shoes as always
  4. Go Eunjung, will support you no matter what!
  5. batButt_bb

    [WEIBO] 安迪A47 Update feat. T-ARA (09/05)

    whats with the caps ?
  6. batButt_bb

    [16.09.11] Fancam - T-ARA Premium Live In Japan

    Oh wow you were there ?? thats awesome , so happy for you
  7. Personally i just want her to be happy , who knows the real reasons/things behind her love life , not us thats for sure. Soyeon is awesome and so good to the fans (all the girls are) If shes happy then im happy
  8. this is very very cool, i would happily travel on this just to see it in real life ....
  9. batButt_bb

    [FB] E Channel Update feat. Eunjung & Hyomin (09/02)

    this looks fun
  10. batButt_bb

    [PRESS] Eunjung @ "The Last Princess" VIP Premiere (08/02)

    Stunning as always
  11. Does anyone know if her t-shirt is for sale ?? The one she made for her smile pocket book promotions ?
  12. batButt_bb

    [PRESS] T-ara at Incheon airport to china (06/12)

    She went with them Maybe got lost in the airport ha ha , little Rambo
  13. batButt_bb

    [WEIBO] Eunjung Update (04/24)

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