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  1. RT @Eva_B89: @yascaoimhin @chuzzuz Those movies didn't deserve her. https://t.co/Ld63qCxdli

  2. Cutie ?? https://t.co/juZEiRAATh

  3. @sally_amaki Okay TELL ME WHICH BOI DO I HAVE TO FIGHT? #FreeSally #AlthoughSheNeedsToPayBills

  4. @shizzNini @notevenlene @guiamelo_twt @ImNotAiko @nicoleangeliee @xoxofaye07 @mchllbch @don_alata @MightyMatheww Th… https://t.co/uSAFbB3n8c

  5. RT @pinkot9: The Ev0Iuti0n of Park Jihyo https://t.co/XkY8yCOeDp

  6. ang ganda ng make up nya holy sh*% I cant even do my eyeliner properly ? https://t.co/4qf9wNWx3L

  7. RT @shadydahyun: commercial: 2 out of 3 people suffer from depression. talk to your doctor today! sana: [immediately grabs the phone] hey…

  8. RT @chaengsthetic: "pretty? pretty?" then tzuyu turns the camera to nayeon and says "ugly?" LMAOOO i luv natzu https://t.co/22ykMxtq5O

  9. Normal people: *dances with the opposite gender at prom* Me and my friends: *dances with the same sex at prom* Al… https://t.co/Z66RFKhGAa

  10. @alaine_nini The only ship allowed here is TaeJin and SeulRene

  11. OMFG FINALLY AN UPDATE. Nagparamdam ka na rin Mina ❤ https://t.co/6QjaJwoT10

  12. ... https://t.co/R8NM2yaSO5

  13. Why am i so fat?? Also me: https://t.co/zRkSdM5wch

  14. RT @tzunado: Korean charts: AAAAAHHHH AAAAHHHH B*S: why are u running?? WHY R U RUNNING??

  15. @SammyFerber LMFAOOOO @cloud_iness

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