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  1. Idea: Include fans in the game? *adding the creepy Jiyeon japanese fan* and collabs with davichi/other ccm artistes?
  2. Thank GOD Jiyeon didn't do anything overly sexy. it might cause my apple keyboard to be bloody.

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope you will have an awesome birthday. Have fun & Enjoy~! :)

  4. Jiyeooonnnn uberlllyyy cuteeee hahahaha AND LOL YOO JAE SUK TOO o.o
  5. CornOppa

    [10.01.29] Soyeon contracted H1N1 flu virus

    Get well soon soyeon Hwaiting
  6. CornOppa

    [10.01.30] T-ara's First Album Promotions Cut Short

    awww it kinda suck that they ended promotions early.. but its good that they can rest too .. haha
  7. CornOppa

    [10.02.01] Girlgroup T-ara will sing for the World Cup

    ahhhh great~! this will be good promotions for our girls kekeke hwaiting t-ara
  8. awww, it's sad that they ended their promotions early.. but its good they are gonna make a comeback soon thought keke t-ara hwaiting
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