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  1. Idea: Include fans in the game? *adding the creepy Jiyeon japanese fan* and collabs with davichi/other ccm artistes?
  2. Thank GOD Jiyeon didn't do anything overly sexy. it might cause my apple keyboard to be bloody.

  3. Jiyeooonnnn uberlllyyy cuteeee hahahaha AND LOL YOO JAE SUK TOO o.o
  4. CornOppa

    [10.01.29] Soyeon contracted H1N1 flu virus

    Get well soon soyeon Hwaiting
  5. CornOppa

    [10.01.30] T-ara's First Album Promotions Cut Short

    awww it kinda suck that they ended promotions early.. but its good that they can rest too .. haha
  6. CornOppa

    [10.02.01] Girlgroup T-ara will sing for the World Cup

    ahhhh great~! this will be good promotions for our girls kekeke hwaiting t-ara
  7. awww, it's sad that they ended their promotions early.. but its good they are gonna make a comeback soon thought keke t-ara hwaiting
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