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  1. Aww I wanted to see her go on. She did a great job though. Don't cry Hyomin, we are with you.
  2. I can't wait to see next week. I want her to keep wining but I also want to see the reveal.
  3. Reminds me of Elsie era with the red hair.
  4. She figured out her password lol. Thanks for posting these. She looks great.
  5. Sounds like if MBK doesn't have any more evidence, in 3 months MBK will be refused the right to trademark. Is there any news if the girls will put a trademark request in or not?
  6. Thanks for the translation! I love how humble and grateful they are. They put in the hard work but they also know that those that came before them work hard too. They always thank their seniors.
  7. Thank you UFO for setting up this shoot. It's so nice to see Eunjung again. Can't wait to see her in future dramas!
  8. The fan chants were so great that night. Our T-ara members were so happy. Thanks to all those fans who cheered.
  9. So pretty! Must be a photo shoot, can't wait to see the images.
  10. One of the only idols that makes their eyes look smaller when she puts on makeup. So pretty.
  11. That voice is obviously her. I can't wait until next week, looks like she's got a tough match up. Hopefully she can surprise some people.
  12. I just hope that they can perform their old songs. It would be a shame if their old songs weren't heard from again.
  13. She's so pretty. Love seeing them dressed up in these types of dresses, so elegant and beautiful. It's a different feel than their stage/performance outfits.
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