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  1. [WEIBO] Jiyeon Update (01/28)

    One of the only idols that makes their eyes look smaller when she puts on makeup. So pretty.
  2. That voice is obviously her. I can't wait until next week, looks like she's got a tough match up. Hopefully she can surprise some people.
  3. I just hope that they can perform their old songs. It would be a shame if their old songs weren't heard from again.
  4. [PRESS] Eunjung @ 2017 MBC Drama Awards (12/30)

    She's so pretty. Love seeing them dressed up in these types of dresses, so elegant and beautiful. It's a different feel than their stage/performance outfits.
  5. I can't wait to watch this!
  6. Why is her voice so soft? Hopefully she's not catching a cold.
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