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  1. 18 hours ago, JetMagicHam said:

    Interesting! Looks like this increases the chances of T-ara performing together, using the T-ara name/songs, and signing up as T-ara under a new record company.

    I'm not familiar with the current T-ara situation exactly. Do the four members want to continue releasing music as T-ara, or are they "unofficially" disbanded?

    Please tell me also what Boram and Soyeon are up to! :)

    Wow Nice I've been looking for this pic a lot many Thanks

    Actually they are not disbanded and they are already saying it multiple times. The 4 girls still stick together. and I believe Ssoram will join em too since they promise us that they will return.

    and if you pay attention to soyeon recent update you will get it that she miss the stage and singing some song.

    Unfortunatly boram has not update for a long time and we know nothing about her for now the rest of the member done some variouse Thing for example Jiyeon and hyomin will have solo comeback (2nd solo for ji and 3rd solo for Hyomin) & Eunjung have role in a new drama and Qri hanging out with her mother and friends this is our current girl's situation and since this trademark battle reaching the current situation I think we can hope for much more good news pretty soon.

    All the thing we have to do is keep trusting and believing our girls that what they want from us so let give it to them.

  2. I love the way she said they are still contacting each other another reason to keep trusting them.

    I saw some Queen's lost hope and Think this way that they will not coming back just because each of them now in another Company.

    I tried to convince them that it not like that and they will come back once the name issue solved.

    anyways Thanks for the trans :D

  3. 30 minutes ago, Emperor Ryu said:

    9 Sisters to be exact.


    Sure I like to see Areum and dani again but Not the other one (I dont want even call her name) she tried ruin T-ara. anyways let's not open this subject.

    yeah MBK release those Fake Articles and news and then they say the article that they released was not true it even wonder MBK staff that why kks doing this still MBK release some fake articles today they just say T-ara just disbanded thats funny since the day T-ara left the company MBK confirms that they dont disband + MBK Trademarked T-ara name 3 day before the T-ara Contract ends so it's obviously kks wanted to mess with them.

    Also all MBK lies proven fake by T-ara members with a smart move MBK release a fake article that members get luxary Cars from Banana Culture Company.

    Hyomin Qri Jiyeon askes Banana Culture directly on their weiboo acc to answer about this fake rumor and They replied to them that all of this just a Fake Rumor and Media plays of MBK.

    sry but I lost all my trust To mbk while I just really respect it before but now I can't accept this

  4. 8 hours ago, JetMagicHam said:

    Interesting news! I hope that there is no T-ara disbandment. Maybe the six members can reunite and continue on with some performances and new music. Where did Boram say that? What else are T-ara up to recently? :)

    yeah no disbandment These girls are so strong and They all 6 like sisters thats why they never left eachother. they will reunite soon too bad MBK declare war against them by Media yesterday MBK just do a fake news about Hyomin and say that she date a CEO of a Music Company. at first I didnt get it but them I realize that MBK aim was Cqueens they wanted to turn Cqueens against T-ara members. luckily our fandoms is mature enough and send supportive comment for Hyomin. then the news just proven fake.

    so be carefull every one we have to support T-ara so only believe news that say by T-ara members themself (they will post it on IG for sure).

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