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  1. woah! hope she could visit a lot of countries here in Asia, specially Ph hope she could pay a visit
  2. Well, I'm really excited for all the things that will come to Ji's way. alse, I'm so excited for her fanmeeting
  3. finally got the time to read this. Am I the only one who hears Hyom''s voice while reading this even if it is in English? anyways, at least they're still communication with the others, and I like it that they still have contact with KKS even they're legal dispute because for me it means that they don't forget where they start and it's actually a good attitude
  4. OMG! such a goddess. why does it seems like she's not aging? she's so gorgeous omg
  5. gosh why is she so gorg? like even with her face covered? i dont know anymore. Jiyeon's charm is just so...
  6. OMG i didnt noticed that all the ep of mix and the city have been uploaded. Oh haha I also didnt notice the one uploaded here is not yet subbed.
  7. Why is she so cute??? like what did we do wrong for her to torture us with her cuteness huhuhu love her so much
  8. For me, theyre the only reason why I became fan of kpop hahaha
  9. Lol thanks so much for posting the latest vids about them.
  10. Rewatching this again coz why not? Hahaha i miss them so much. And theyre singing live right?
  11. When will be the next round? Hahaha im pretty sure that's eunjung so gotta watch it again
  12. Waaaa thanks. I've been looking for this actually. Coz the one in yt is not in good quality.
  13. Youre a lifesaverrrrr. Wooo finally i can watch My Runway. Thank you so much
  14. But it's only the first episode right? The succeeding episode doesnt have subs yet right? Hihi
  15. they're just too good omg.. and Eunjung hair is so short but she looks cute tho
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