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  1. [18.01.21] Video - MBC King Of Mask Singer (Eunjung)

    I can’t watch engsub your below link
  2. [PRESS] Eunjung & Jiyeon @ Chungdam Collection (12/13)

    Nice photo. Thanks for sharing
  3. Yeh, i see it, but i like fancam than FPT channel ;). anyway thanks for sharing
  4. Your fact, your smile look like an angel
  5. Beautiful, your hair, your eye...everything perfect Eunjung a
  6. [PHOTOSHOOT] Eunjung & Jiyeon for Naver X Dispatch (06/28)

    Oh my god, baby dino and hahm beakgu , can’t breath
  7. [PRESS] T-ARA Concert in Vietnam (11/04)

    1 month ago, but can’t forget this times
  8. Cool, i wish i could be there to meet them
  9. [PRESS] T-ARA Interview for SaoStar (11/04)

    Everything i can said amajing they looks beautyful
  10. Someone can reupload video, many video unavailable
  11. [17.11.23] Video - JTBC Mix And The City E2 (Hyomin)

    Must watch, but don’t understand. Lol
  12. [WEIBO] Eunjung Update (12/02)

    Long time, didn’t see you. Look beautyful Eunjung ahh
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