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  1. Qri totally won me over in this performance. I really like her long straight hair. But the remix was amazing. I'm just upset about the fanchants... can't hear them at all.
  2. Been a while since I've been here...

  3. Wow... the last two months are really just plain horrible for T-ara. I'm glad there's no big injuries and I hope it stays that way. Ah, I can't help but be completely afraid of what the results may be. I hope Soyeon will come out fully recovered and well. Soyeon, fighting!
  4. Honestly, I have the same reaction as everyone else. I'm thinking, why Hwayoung? This is all dumb... all those thoughts have already processed through my head. As much as it aches me, knowing Hwayoung is being kicked out, even though she truly is innocent (or at least to me she is), we have to see it on the positive side. We all know how horrible CCM is and how their management is less that satisfactory. So, basically, now that she is removed from their label she can possibly find a better company to train under. Since many companies already knows her skills and she still has a large fanbase, they may accept her in with an open heart. All we can do now is just support T-ara as well as support Hwayoung with whatever she decides to do after all this mess.
  5. Wow, CCM really knows how to make T-ara different from everyone else. I'm really excited for this comeback. I'm still dazed after seeing they are having an orchestra... wow. I really wish Jiyeon would preform this song.. I hope she does preform the ballad at least once... I heard she got herself injured right before the comeback somewhere. If so, I hope everything is alright!
  6. Wow, I wasn't expecting this. I thought that Day by Day was going to be a chic sort of theme, but wow, what a surprise. I think T-ara will be able to pull this off though. My anticipation increased by far now. Only a few more days! I really cannot wait! Hyomin has that fiery red hair I think Hyomin looks nice, but I hope that she promotes with long hair (Keke, I'm biased to long hair, sorry T___T) As for Dani, she lost her pure image quite quickly, but I think overall, she looks like she's fitting in with T-ara. She proved to us in a small way that she is able to hold T-ara's traits of being chameleons, in the aspect of being able to fit their surroundings. I hope to see more positive things from her!
  7. Voted for today! T-ara is currently second, they dropped down a rank. Only behind by 3,000! Come on Queen's! We can prove T-ara is still on top of digital charts!
  8. I guess it is official. There isn't much we can do anymore (not like we ever really have a say). All I guess now is to look forward to her time she debuts and home she is a useful addition. I will support her (slightly cause she is from the US... and around my age...). I hope she is ready for challenging her endurance with the amount of work T-ara is given... I hope they don't give more of Hyomin's lines away to the two new members -_____- ...
  9. Although I'm not into the whole 9 members concept, what's done is done. If KKS wants toxic what is not broken, let them make it a mess. Eventually, T-ara will leave the company. All we can do is pray for the members. As for the new members, according to KKS, I will hold high expectations for you. Don't make me feel as if you're a useless addition, being just another young pretty face.
  10. Wow, I'm really amazed with Hyomin. She keeps working so hard and amazing me with everything she does. I really hope she gets some rest though... it seems as if shes beginning to put too much on her plate she will soon fall sick again. >___< ;; Anyways, I'm glad she is showing off her talent and her true fasionista
  11. Being a crazy fan... T-ara/B2ST relation ~ I really like how Junhyung is into his productions and passionate for music. I think he did a great job with helping Shinsadong on Lovey-Dovey. I hope we will hear more from him B2ST, hwaiting! T-ara, hwaiting!
  12. Hyomin took a later flight with the 7 members I believe. I think she was finishing up the shootings in Europe. --- All of the T-ara members look extremely pale... Also, it seems like they became a little more rested, but it seems as if they lost more weight. It's good to see T-ara back in Korea though!
  13. Of course Hyomin gets bananas... Her and 2PM have something in common (LOL sorry... shipping of Wooyoung and Hyomin reference) --- I really think this photo shoot brought out the charms of each T-ara member. They're all so dorky..., I really love the fact Jiyeon, Hyomin, and Eunjung are together again... OTP!
  14. Lost my guitar pick... I don't even know how when I didn't touch it -___-

  15. Seriously? I really, don't understand this at all? Honestly, I think all the T-ara members should transfer to a different entertainment company, in which they can be happy. Sure, they may have become a little bit lazy, but it isn't their fault is it? KKS has been packing their schedule there is no time to rest anymore. Is it abnormal to become lazy due to the lack of sleep? And prideful? Don't you think calling our girl's conceited is a bit much? Does Kim Kwang Soo even think what people think of him? He's not just this big prouder with the big bucks, he's being viewed as a "Slave owner" with the way he treats T-ara... I honestly don't have much respect for him anymore. I honestly, don't know what to do anymore. Why aim for 8-9 members? Does KKS really think that is unique? I feel as if they are just trying to make T-ara into an SNSD. I think T-ara was fine a 6 members... sure, Hwayoung was fine to add. But it's becoming too much now. Finally, I'm just hoping KKS doesn't remove anymore or replace anyone from the 7ara we know. If it does happen, I don't know if I can fully support them as much as I do right now. I hope KKS reads fans opinions and give it more thought before they do anything that could affect T-ara greatly.
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