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  1. Jiyeon and Hyomin always have twin outfits in this era hehe
  2. Hyomin is T-ara social butterfly. She's been invited here and there.
  3. This soobin hoang kinda looks like one of Indo's youtuber lol
  4. Thanks for sharing! I've never sen these pics before.
  5. Still bitter at Longzhen for printing only 2000 copies and not letting her promote Take A Hike
  6. what is this xiaohongshu thing? is it like weibo or sth?
  7. Gosh.. She really could pull off any hair color
  8. raedishh


    Qri's signature lol The most consistent and complicated of them all
  9. Her looks is so luxurious. She can pull off anything.
  10. So excited for this web drama!! After all these years, she finally gets 1st female lead character with 2 guys after her. Usually, she always gets those one-sided love characters...
  11. Her photoshoot for Mag & Zina in black suit is crazyyy
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