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  1. It feels really weird. It is unusual to see Boram in very closed (all-long) clothes usually he only wears short pants with an oversized sweater
  2. I haven't watched these few episodes. But why isn't it on YouTube?
  3. I really like Soyeon's hair. Her hair is really straight. She is identical with black or brown hair
  4. Fira Melina


    Can someone help answer that? How do I download photos or videos from this forum? I pressed it as usual when downloading photos from Google, but it can't be here
  5. If only Soyeon could travel to Indonesia .. Queen's Indonesia is really waiting for T-ara to visit Indonesia since the news circulated in 2014. But until now it has not been fulfilled.
  6. I remember when Queen's was long in our country talking that the Diadem forum was very busy. Queen's who has always been included in the Diadem forum. But they are now more active on Instagram and Twitter. It's okay, through any application, as long as Diadem is still around, we Queen's will always be happy
  7. Look back at this topic. Until now I'm still confused. Who created the song 20090729? I read so many sources and they say different things. Some say it was created by DIA? Some say it was created by Hyomin and Jiyeon? Some say it was created by Crazy Park. But overall this is my favorite song. The song that I always play when I feel sad
  8. Houl I'm really happy to find lots of photos of Eunjung's here. I really like Eunjung's style here. She is so beautiful in that suit. Her hair and makeup really charmed me
  9. Every time I see news or videos about them crying and reminiscing about the past, I also cry too. Really painful. But T-ara is what made me a strong person too. Really I learned a lot of patience from T-ara
  10. Hyomin will have a solo comeback, and Soyeon will debut solo .. It really makes me confused which album to buy:)
  11. The original signature of the T-ara members that I have is Eunjung's. I got that when I won the W9 giveaway. I am very happy. I keep it very safe. I really want to get the autographs of the five members again...
  12. Fira Melina


    I really liked Eunjung in the debut era
  13. I am very grateful that this is in shopee Indonesia
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