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  1. nancy

    A (2)

  2. nancy

    M! CountDown (07/14)_17

    whooaaa her face is just as big as that phone hehhe so pretty!
  3. nancy

    Roly Poly (6)

    hyomin looks so and then jiyeon... so badass lol and hwayoung looks like sweet little girl
  4. nancy

    Roly Poly (5)

    i love their outfits hehe looking amazing
  5. um can anyone tell me which ep they start to appear in? thankss hehehee they lookkkk BEAUTIFUL they are perfect princesses
  6. OMG!!! LEE JOON AND JIYEON jungle fish 2 besties yes?
  7. yup :) i like seungho and soyeon :) that time on t-ara dot com when soyeon was like i came to see this and then seungho slightly hits her on the head? omgggg <333 hehehe i think thats what got me to like the two

    and euntaec.hehehe no need to watch dream high :) just youtube eunjung and taecyeon and tons of <333 vids :)

  8. kekeke i like thiss new page <3

  9. yup :) see ya :)

    haha now, time to visit the fanficss :)

  10. hey the granddaughter/ sister in law in its okay daddy's girl is in there
  11. i love reading fanfics :) i love how the stories are sooo interestinggg :)

    haha im a lazyyy bumm haha :) and i have no idea what to rite xP

    haha np. and thanks for being my first friend and first commenter! see ya :)

  12. me too :) fanfics are funn :) if i had the talent, i would write some too but... its more fun reading what other people write :)

  13. haha youll prob see me there a lot xP

  14. hey! t-ara is also my fav girl group :) and the only group i really like :) nice to meet you ;) remember me? from the fanfics?

  15. doesnt it look like the one she wore to the good day show thing? wowww busy girl. two things in one dayyy sighhh
  16. beautiful girls and cuteee kiddos
  17. <3<333 i love these threee hheeee
  18. no min woo and his gaze towards the camera lollll
  19. i like this family and the little kid and awww soo cute
  20. love triangle tee kiddinggg love the sweaterss/ hoodiess
  21. jiyeon and soyeon and mavin family
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