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  1. puahaha.. XDD


    he is too hot to be handle.. but I change my siggy now. the FUNNY one not HOT :P that new siggy makes me ROFL!! XDD

  2. your joonhyung gif makes me wanna WOOOHH~

    wats 'WOOHH~'? use your imagination C:

  3. kkkkk~



  4. your graphics are amazing. like legit haha


  5. sangchu do it do it chu~

    just your average lurker C:

  6. why hi there!~

    super star shining star super starrrr :DDDD

  7. LOL for some reason your name reminded me of this:

    oh and hi. im new C:

  8. blatantly lurking.


  9. youre deviant art is ridiculous. LOL i mean that in a good way. so legit C: nomnomnom.

  10. I guess that's really how tired these girls are. I mean they are CCM's cream of the crop other than Davichi so they probably do have more pressure and more activities on their plate
  11. I'd just like to say that yes, Jiyeon is being impugned terribly a lot but other idol stars as well are being criticized too much for things like this. So I think as netizens we should definitely understand the positions of these idols.
  12. jiyeon's really changed over the months shes really pretty still but her short hair is a plus!~
  13. lol i saw this episode and hyomin was so funny i swear this girl has some talent in variety shows!
  14. wow these look really cute especially hyomin's dress (: but they all seem similar so their all kinda great haha
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