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  1. It's nice to know they're doing this, but isn't this just one more of those "Must be a Korean citizen" things?
  2. People! Don't be naive. Nowhere in this press release does it say that he's not breaking up T-ara. To me it looks like a going away present: "Your career is over, but I'll take you with me to Europe before I cast you aside." Sorry, but I absolutely do not trust the guy.
  3. Like most people I feel that this announcement made no sense at all. So I asked myself, "What's REALLY going on?" The most likely scenario I can conjure up is that one or more members have asked to switch career paths to acting. I think the earlier "T-ara to quit acting" announcement was the result of him telling the girls that if they don't want to do both, then acting is the activity that will take a back seat. Given the reports of exhaustion, sometimes to the point of hospitalization, it's easy to imagine that at least one member decided they still would rather leave the idol life behind and pursue a career dedicated to acting. After the KARA situation, it's also easy to speculate that KKS would basically tell them that if they don't want to be in T-ara, they can kiss their entertainment career good-bye. Then tell the world that if any member does quit, it's because they're lazy. And then to punish the whole group, threaten to reduce their paychecks by forcing the pie to be split 9 ways rather than just seven. This is all just me speculatin'. Like I said, nothing else makes sense, given the info we have.
  4. From what I read here and there, everybody is on Qri's side on this, so where's the controversy? She definitely has the right attitude. This will be old news tomorrow if it isn't already. Still, it is interesting, but hardly scandalous.
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