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  1. now i'm really curious as to how this will be performed o_o at first it gave off a Roly Poly vibe.. and the bottom picture is rather futuristic?
  2. i actually realyl hate her character, but Kim Hye Eun really does know what she's talking about. props to her for standing up for Soyeon and T-ara
  3. i love this lady. anyone who is able to see the light after all the harsh treatment to our girls is worth my love. forever supporting Haeundae Lovers! ♥
  4. SBS said, adding that they will be talking to the manufacturers and sponsors who have unilateral decision to arbitrarily remove Eunjung because of advertising issues without any notice to SBS. There are also reportsthat the actress is expected to replace the role of Eunjung will not be able to participate in the drama because encumbered filming a movie. Official representative from SBS, "Completely untrue. We do not know anything about the cancellation of Eunjung's role as well as related information. Ridiculous when there are guys that we have putnotice of the cancellation of his role with Eunjung. We are continuing to clarify things and feel really embarrassed for the occurrence of unforeseen things like this. " Source: Starnews
  5. ugh... they're not true fans. i'm so angry by this post. i can't... i want to cry. poor girls, they've worked so hard. they've endured so much from KKS' wrath. how can their fans treat them like this.. it actually hurts me more than anything, imagine how the girls feel.. /sobs loudly/
  6. the only reason why KKS has made this statement is because he doesn't want to feel threatened by Hwayoung. he did mention in the previous press release that Hwayoung should keep her mouth shut. I believe her tweet on twitter trigged this post. in KKS's eyes, it's either: 1) let T-ara suffer and burdening their name 2) or kill Hwayoung off completely ..i'm sure there is more to this story, just like everyone i'm curious.. but i don't want either party to suffer.. /sighs/ this has gotten too out of hand.
  7. i just hope this whole situation doesn't effect T-ara, as a group, that much... :'( my poor girls.

  8. aish. this whole situation has been blown out of proportion. can't we just backtrack through time?
  9. finally back~ I now have something to spazz about. gosh, I missed the girls so much D: and I hope I learn to love Hwayoung more, still feeling a bit jealous of her ahaha. naw the girl is really pretty though ♥
  10. NOOO!! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS!!! Eunjung was definitely the face of Tiara. She was an awesome leader, she knew what to say, what to do, when to do it and she has the look as well. SHE IS THE TRUE LEADER OF TIARA Okay, that's enough of me being negative. But seriously, why Boram? Is it because she's oldest? If that's the reason then I'm very very disappointed in MNET/CORE Ent. Boram is much too shy to be the one that speaks on behalf of Tiara. I'm so confused, I hope this isn't true. Although I like Boram, I have to be honest. Eunjung unnie is much more fit for the job!! And as for the new member... well I'm not too sure yet, I'll have to see how good she is to actually judge her. But I'm hoping I wont be disappointed with this one either. HONESTLY? I liked Tiara as the way they were before
  11. I'm sort of confused on how it can be filmed in 3D. But this is something I wouldn't miss!! Considering that I probably wont be able to meet them... but I CAN'T WAIT! The fan pictures are really cute as well! Girls are looking adorable as always ~
  12. Thank you so much! They're so pretty @_@ I hope MNet will soon release Wallpapers soon hehe...
  13. I love it, this is awesome Loving your signature as well, mine is influenced by this. I love the screen saver a lot, many thanks to Vagabond!
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