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  1. Really love their airport fashion~~ So chic ! They are so beautiful~ T-ara fighting!
  2. Thanks a lot for sharing all the gifs ~~~ So adorable!!~
  3. I really this song One of their best song in this album after Don't leave ~
  4. So in love with the song Very catchy The robot dance is so cute!~
  5. Love all the versions Their videos are always very fun to watch ~
  6. Awwww she must feel sleepy all the time with the tight schedule . She looks so pretty and adorable while sleeping ^^. Hope she will get some rest after filming Dream High and upcoming promotion.
  7. They look so dorky and close EunJung look like Suzy's sister keke. I'm happy to see all of them enjoy filming
  8. She was so so adorable and funny. I hope to see more but they cut so much of her parts >.< I wish they have two parts then we could see Hyomin' more. I love her white dress . Stunningly beautiful goddess~
  9. I really love the strong friendship between Dream High casts. I love the fact they look like having fun while filming. EunJung is so adorable
  10. I saw this episode and Eun Jung look so fierce with her new hair style# I like it a lot, Girls rocking it~
  11. Both of them are very gorgeous. I think she used to look a lot like KIm Tae Hee but only in the past Now she has her own style and charm so I think people should stop compare her to KTH.
  12. I think they need to change their stylist . It happens lot of times like this. They are very professional but I hope they wont have to experience such a mishap like this ever again
  13. I guess we can start countdown now Just few days left, I'm excited YAY. I hope it will be a awesome track, I prefer less autotune since Brave Brother tend to produce lots of autotune track.
  14. Hyomin is such a sweetheart to everyone :X No wonder she has lots of good friends. Such a pity that Seeya disbanded , they are one of the best vocal group .
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