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  1. Thanks for the uploads. Really love the songs.. Can't wait for the MV and album!!
  2. Excited for SUGAR FREE!! It's DAEBAK!! Really can't wait for their live comebacks.. All are just flawless and gorgeous!!
  3. jans

    [14.05.09] Jiyeon

    Yay!! So excited and can't wait for Jiyeon's debut!!! It'll be on my birthday! Best birthday gift ever!! Awesome... Support her all the way!!
  4. I've tried using 2 emails. Both gave the same results. The ID is email right? Must be the one I have and not a new one? Really sorry for the trouble.
  5. I remembered I only try to sign up on Korean site until submitting my 1st and last name. That's all. After that,I gave up and sign up for the English site. That's all. So I don't think I've used my email. Tried on both mac and windows. Still giving me the same response. Really want to join the fan club.
  6. But even before I can log in, my signing up doesn't seem to work. Keeps giving me this response: The page at ticket.yes24.com says: Please try again using your ID. What does that mean?
  7. Thanks for that Bankudonku. I've signed up already and entered my email however I can't log in. They request me to log in again but still I'm not in. My email (ID) is english though. Do I have to change it to hangul? Sorry for the trouble.
  8. I can't seem to log in to yes24 after signing up. Do I click on domestic intercom industries or international and whether to choose foreign registration number or passport number? Sorry for asking so many questions. Seems to be very long. From singapore here.
  9. jans

    [13.10.15] T-ara,

    Thanks so much for posting this interview. Appreciate it!! T-Ara has really matured and I'll support them forever and all the way!! T-Ara Jjang!!
  10. Sadly, it's been removed by the user already. Didn't even get to see the fancam. Hais
  11. So sad. The videos have all been removed by the user. Want to watch the fancams badly.
  12. Hey! Thank you for posting Jiyeon's pics. My fav!! Appreciate it! Would like the RAR. set. Can send me the password? Thanks!
  13. Love their iRiver pictures! Pretty and gorgeous T-ARA!! T-ARA hwaiting!!
  14. Gorgeous Jiyeon!! Love all her pictures in twitter. Always updating us with new selcas. I like!
  15. Haha! Saw the episode. She seem ashamed but at the same time was laughing at herself! Haha! Dorky her! I tink it's ok! Not so different. But of course, after all the schedules, she'll look tired when without make-up. Can't blame her. Still, she look cute and pretty!
  16. Hyomin look so happy! Glad for her! Love her cardigan! I guess her stress relief method works? Hehe! GREAT!
  17. She is still gorgeous. With or without eyeliner. I think with the eye-liner, it's to show her charismatic side while without, is to show her cute and innocent side. Love both sides!! Hehe.
  18. This is absurd! Netizens are just thinking too much! I have to say Jiyeon is the face of the group! She seriously work the hardest among others. With drama, variety show and all. I love Jiyeon! She can be cute but matured at the same time! T-ara is already successful now with a lot of CF offers. Can't blame only one person. Ish!
  19. Haha! Celebrity illness. I guess in every idol group, there'll always be one having that illness! Soyeon really has that charm! Hehe.
  20. They performed really well! I watched 5dolls performances partly because of T-ara there also! Haha! Expectations were there! Love Jiyeon, Hyomin n Eunjung!
  21. Haha! Her father was over-reacting! But Hyomin should have called home so as not to worry her parents. And it's so cute of her to bring snacks along to give the police officers. Hehehe.
  22. Hehe. Sleepwear? But no matter what she wears, she'll look fashionable in it! Haha! And she's pretty to start with. Any clothing suits her!
  23. Aww. Why did she go back first? Anyway, she looks really cool and pretty in that! Awesome airport fashion sense. Looked matured as well!
  24. I love them both!! CUTE Couple! Haha! Definitely the best actor/idol! Love Jiyeon! Love Lee Joon! XD
  25. Aww.. Gorgeous hyomin! I always love her selcas!! N the 3 actresses taking pictures together! Epic!
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