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  1. Hope this saga will end peacefully soon. Queens should stand together at situation like this instead of bashing each other! T-ara needs us the most now! Soyeon Fighting! T-ara Fighting!
  2. Finally the leader I've been waiting for since T-ara's debut. Soyeon Fighting!
  3. Cool~ I've just preorder both version A and B from YesAsia.com We must support our girls! T-ara Fighting!!!
  4. Good things are worth the wait. I'm sure all T-ara fans are waiting for the new Roly Poly MV to be released today. T-ara Fighting!
  5. I have heard the new version of the Roly Poly, sounds cool~ Waiting for the MV to be released today. T-ara Fighting!
  6. Congratulations to T-ara! The girls have been practising and performing hard for Roly Poly. They deserved to be top! T-ara Fighting!
  7. wow, this news came as a surprise to me, didn't expect Roly Poly to have part 3.. Nice one CCM, T-ara Hwaiting!!!
  8. Guess Hyomin is resting.. Simply adorable Tom & Jerry by Soyeon and Boram.. love them to the max!!! T-ara Hwaiting!!!
  9. T-ara won again, yeah!!! The gals fought hard, they deserved the win.. Hope Hyomin can recover soon.. T-ara Fighting!!!
  10. Eunjung is so nice~ despite her busy schedule, she still helps new groups in promoting their new songs, not to forget 5 Dolls debut.. T-ara Hwaiting!!!
  11. That's the Roly Poly Spirit that Hyomin has. Hope she could get more rest and recover asap.. T-ara Hwaiting!!!
  12. Omg, both Jiyeon and Hyomin has fainted due to their hectic schedule. Hope the management can let the girls rest more in between events. Hope Hyomin can get well soon.. T-ara Fighting Hard!!!
  13. Wow, Soyeon look so great with her beautiful eyes, so pretty.. T-ara Hwaiting!!!
  14. Soyeon look so beautiful in both photos, nice big eyes,so cute!!! T-ara Hwaiting!!!
  15. Good things are worth the wait, just like T-ara's music video.. I've been listening to Roly Poly everyday since the teaser was released, the song is stuck in my head now.. T-ara Hwaiting!!!
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