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  1. I'm a little bit worry for them since they are going to perform tomorrow Just praying for them to be okay and they need to speak up no matter what I'm sick of hearing from KKS already.
  2. can we have those types of cafes here in the States please ? I shall go visit them even though I rarely go outside I want Jiyeon's poster >< she looks so gorgeous here ♥
  3. omg, Boram looks so CUTE here ;~; the second to last picture >< kyoptaaa my baby dino, you're flawless as always xD
  4. Photo: › 6 Favorite Photos : T-ara bias - Park Jiyeon. (@jongseops) http://t.co/xMu9PHw9

  5. Photo: › how can i not think you're the most squishy hamstergyu? you're just too cute! [[∞]] http://t.co/QpVh99xK

  6. Photo: › my eyes slowly look for you, because i only love you...[[∞]] http://t.co/3nHnMZEF

  7. Before Hoya's Down: New Years Giveaway! - musingtragedy: http://t.co/WPBBIlx0

  8. Photoset: › 9 pictures of Sungyeol | asked by [junsook], [taedubu] and [yeonghoon] http://t.co/VsEAyPs8

  9. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/Bgz7K37Q Davichi & T-ara(다비치&티아라) _ We were in love(우리 사랑했잖아) MV

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