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  1. [EXCLUSIVE] T-ara N4 Los Angeles Meet & Greet + BTS - 146 Pics (05/14) For the rest of the images: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/gallery/album/2023-t-ara-n4-meet-greet-bts-at-vlado-footwear-la-052013/?st=140 (Page 5: 001 - 146) CREDIT: Aoiblue + tiaradiadem.com
  2. Cover reminds me of a circus XD Like the 2nd photo, glad Boram changed her color and style~
  3. The majority of T-ara fans are boys so.....can't say I'm shaking in my seat in excitement about the name.
  4. Time to shop at Gmarket . . . . . . cjustr trjfkisdjf ueriuroien dsjhif fsdf
  5. "could" and "not yet decided.". Hold onto those words everyone.
  6. My wallet cries for T-ara.

  7. I think we can finally breathe again.
  8. 未定 ・ みてい Common word, Na-adjective, Noun, No-adjective not yet fixed; undecided; pending What the bside to the normal ver. Is. A new song?
  9. Haha, glad you found it :)

  10. nvm i already found translated ones =D

  11. do you sub korean articles? http://www.tvreport.co.kr/cindex.php?c=news&m=newsview&idx=175302

    i already found subbed ones for Jiyeon's article, but hwayoung's one not yet..im planning to post them up tthe quick news section thanks!

  12. Should post in that Ninki ratings are just predictions of the sales based on Polls made by Oricon lol
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