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  1. CCM already approved my payment, and now I become expert member Queen's 2 Million thanks Diadem...love ya !!
  2. Diadem has the best teamwork...thanks so much Finally, I'm done with the whole terrible process...But after posting on fan cafe board, how can we know that our purchase has been approved ?
  3. What is the product name?..I mean we have to buy the membership fee though this web page right?
  4. you did not reply my tweets on twitter :( *cries*

  5. Park Hyomin...I miss you like crazy, pls come back soon TT__TT

  6. T-ara, I will put my total believe in all of you till the end, pls be strong girls..

  7. Is there any thing left to do?? She's not just a pretty face. Our Hyominnie is a multi-talented girl.
  8. Look forward to Eng sub. Hyiminnie is Daebak at variety show... Thank so much
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