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  1. ^ Yes, my pc and scanner together are something which u cant stand more than 10 minutes. XD And it took me 4 hours to scan the whole photobook. :x
  2. [sCANS] Mirage Album Download: .RAR: EU | MF | RS CREDIT: cyclone + tiaradiadem.com
  3. [sCANS] Day By Day Album Download: .RAR: EU | MF | RS CREDIT: cyclone + tiaradiadem.com
  4. But they started filming ? So she is in it? So they will suddenly change the whole story line because of this or..what ? They shouldnt do this (to change her) ....
  5. xEunjungxJiyeonx, i dont think that your idea is even possible to happen. And that wasnt what i mean. Then if u are against T-ara, what are u still doing here?!
  6. great. How is that done by fans? I cant believe it. Disappointed or not u should support your fav group. Im speechless.
  7. more than just speechless....i am crying now.... whoever leaving...was the only think i dont want to happen...
  8. Impressive! I love the concept I love it. SO BEAUTIFUL. I wonder what colors will their outfits be ...for each perf.. Amazing!
  9. [sCANS] Jewelry Box 'Diamond' edition album (6/15) Download: .RAR: http://www.mediafire...p0ucfy7e49sa7ea CREDIT: cyclone + tiaradiadem.com -The rar includes 74 pictures. Empty pages (or without faces) are NOT scanned. - The preview pics are resized. The original size of the scans is more than 1000p - This time the scans are quite smaller than my previous ones because my scanner is dead and this was the best option for scanning.. I couldn't do better quality but still it's good. Sorry for that. - PLEASE, do NOT remove my logo from the pictures. I would be really thankful if you post/reblog (or anything else) them without editing. Thank you. ~ I hope you like it.
  10. Whatever happens T-ara will be my fav group forever.. I cant give up just because the boss adds random members when he decides.. Still music is important and T-ara is now quite around the top of kpop bands..so.. i think we should wait and see ...it was the same with Hwa young but now people adore her and say T-ara is forever 7 members...Well maybe after 1 or 2 year we will say T-ara is forever 9 and nothing else...haha isnt it so..? Its just my opinion..
  11. Thankss for sharing! They look pretty in sport clothes I am downloading
  12. Wow amazing pictures... i cant wait to download!! The first one of hwa young totally made me shut up.. wow. Thanks !
  13. Jiyeon so beautiful They are having lots of fun there !! I want more HQ pictures Thanks
  14. Awesomeee! If they were just for my desktop..i would put the first I love how amazing it looks
  15. [sCANS] T-ara - Roly-Poly (Japanese Single) [Type B] Download .RAR: http://www.mediafire...fqji603419zt2xq CREDIT: cyclone + tiaradiadem
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