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Status Updates posted by cyclone

  1. do u want to do me a favor ? pls PM me asap!! T____T

  2. haha im fine thanks :) what about u :)

  3. Hallo :) Im fine~ Nice to meet you :] You are new here? Have fun in the forum ^_^

  4. have u got skype or facebook? tell me ^^

  5. hehe XD Nice to meet u ^^

  6. i guess u got angry because of me but u can just not ignore me that bad except of some serious reason... haha however im not bothering u anymore ...

  7. i need your help in coed's forum please go there T___T

  8. my friend made it like this and i cant do it and she tried 10 pics until their faces could be seen <.<

  9. No friends? I am gonna be the first then ^^ (again XD)

  10. No friends? I will be the first then :D if it is ok XD

  11. No problem i sent u the message! So see u tomorrow then :]]]]]]]]]

  12. No, dear i meant PMs here at the forum T_T I cant send u but i want!!! Check it again... :S:S

  13. please start cutting shows again T_T u were the fastest one to cut and upload them PLEASEEE

  14. thank u for the add ^_^<3

  15. thank u XD but i got angry when some people stole it....

  16. thank you dear <33333

  17. thank you very much ^_^

  18. thanks for the add :]

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