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  1. Well, there is a logic. They earn different sum of money and that's normal. I hope they spend all of it for something useful :]
  2. Mmm no way... why not to know songs from so years ago? I dont think it has something to do with her age..
  3. OH MY GOD <3333333333333333 THANK YOU SO MUCH <33333333 I TOOK ALL OF THEM.
  4. Oh my Ji Yeon... Why are u so cute <3333 I like the one with red background
  5. No friends? I am gonna be the first then ^^ (again XD)

  6. Wow i watched this yesterday <33 They were so sweet especially Eun jung playing with Moon Hee Jun XD
  7. Oh my beautiful princess <333333 Priceless beauty <333 Really majestic...
  8. Boram's hair !!! Hehehe so sweet ^^ They are all really cute <333
  9. Aaaaah cute eun jung <3333 Im sure she is gonna be a strong police woman if she has to XD
  10. Oh thanks for the pictures!! Downloading now <3333 Ji Yeon is really cute on the last pics ^^
  11. Haha what is it about Boram's shoes XD They are nice :D
  12. Hehe she has so much activities now.. she is a real pro <333 I cant wait for T-ara japanese debut and korean comeback <333
  13. where are u from?

  14. Hehe good one, I am waiting for the second season now... But will the cast be the same?
  15. February is gone... Whats going on with the movie? I cant waitttt
  16. Wow, no wonder... But i really cant understand why dont people try to make something which is made by themselves...
  17. If a girl thinks that something is wrong and she has the ability to fix it, why now.. Still it is not plastic surgery...So Yeon is beautiful <33
  18. I hear for the first time again.. Still T-ara is T-ara. Every star have bad moments but always can be worse...
  19. Wow sounds interesting, but i think that she will be coupled too later in the show..maybe next year? haha
  20. No wonder that celebrities had boyfriends/girlfriends before becoming more and more famous... I think T-ara girls are going to date a few years later again...
  21. Wow, Qri in historical drama again XD I want to see T-ara girls all in 1 drama <33 hehe XD
  22. Wow haha i always look at mirror 3473 times a day I am ok with this that so yeon did it
  23. I only hope that when she plays in the drama T-ara wont be promoting because she will probably miss performances.. I want her in all lives <.<
  24. thanks for the add :]

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