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  1. Both cute once again <333 Ji Yeon <333333 I want Joon's black hair baaaack
  2. Hm i think whatever happens in this show will be only for the show.. imo..
  3. Woho sweet Qri and boyfriend <333 I imagine like she is having fights with him but in the cute side XD
  4. Haha her story sounded funny but probably back then it wasnt funny for her XD
  5. The pic is really gorgeous <333 She is looking more mature every next day!!
  6. Her hairstyles are always really nice ^^ I want to do some of them XD
  7. Still black hair is better.. XD But she is always best looking <33
  8. Ohh omg i needed 2 minutes to get that it is a hood!! XD
  9. Adorable <33 But if just Joon was with black hair... Still both beautiful!!
  10. I love their schoes!! Like Co-Ed girls' in Bbiribom Bberibom MV <33
  11. OMG Eun Jung's hair <333333 It will become on of my fav hairstyles of her!!
  12. OMG Qri <333333333 So gorgeous !!! I love these orange outfits <333
  13. Aigooo Ji Yeon's hair ^^ Just downloading this episode ^^
  14. Didn't they say that they're replacing YongSeo couple? or i am wrong... And is this going to be subbed by diadem subbers?
  15. No friends? I will be the first then :D if it is ok XD

  16. This will be first time watching me this show ~ Haha my precious Eun Jung is rising more and more <3333
  17. Is there a video for this? I want to see T_T But i believe she is XD
  18. I hope this company will be able to join the biggest ones like SM, JYP and YG... Cube entertainment is also going higher .. Good idea
  19. I absolutely love this show <33333 I cant stop laughing while watching XD
  20. Oh thanks for these gifs ! The CF is ftw 2PM + T-ara <333333
  21. Your signature is so cool ~

  22. AA I am so envy !! I want to see them tooooooo Thanks for the pics ~
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