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  1. Omo. First pic of Eun Jung is seeeeeeeexy!. Daebak. I forgot how to save it hahaha omg XD
  2. Uh i love their clothes!!!! Eun Jung so beautiful as always <333
  3. I like very much that korean artists are helping with all their hearts
  4. Ahhh i am going to download all of them <33333
  5. This should be fun, maybe i'll watch it because of Eun Jung XD
  6. hahahaaha one of the shots is epic :D:D Totally love Eun Jung <33
  7. Ayooooo the last pic is so cute ^^ I love this performance <333
  8. Woaaaa~ These are so beautiful <3333 Hmm what if T-ara use them for next comeback, who knows XD
  9. I just saw in facebook and i wondered what is this XD Eun Jung <33333333333
  10. where are you ?

  11. hehe XD Nice to meet u ^^

  12. I loved the stages and t-ara looked so cute with these outfits <333 Absolutely good
  13. She looks elder with the eyeliner <333 I like her both ways
  14. Hmm ? I didnt think of this..I dont think they look a like..If it is only in these 2 pictures...maybe, but not really......
  15. That's so cute of her!! She is uploading pics without make up in the bed <33 She is enough beautiful in any way ^^
  16. Wow he went to their dorm XD Woho it became interesting now. hahaha She probably has a mania XD
  17. Wow she looks so small... Haha i still cant believe her age XD And it probably was her boyfriend or some friend?
  18. Wow.. when i put make up i am not doing like this XD But it looks interesting She is beautiful both ways..
  19. I died seeing these pictures <3333333 I love Eun Jung so muuuuuch <333 If i was at that street i would faint XD
  20. 'Save my daughter!' hahaha i laughed at this but actually it probably wasnt funny that day XD
  21. But why? Actually i wonder how the groups are always traveling together XD Sounds fun but i prefer going alone sometimes..
  22. lol when i saw it i thought something strange but didnt mind it a lot XD But if u go like this out here, people will be staring at u..
  23. Ooooh, i watched this and i rofled at the screaming boys :D The 3 girls made a good performance <33
  24. I liked these both in Jungle Fish 2 XD But i think Joon has to act more to improve his acting, i like him a lot but thats my opinion..
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