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  1. I want this live omg!! So cute !! I wish i were there...but i prefer the other cloths for yayaya ..these are weird XD
  2. Boram so pretty!! She should be in more CFs!! I wanna try these cosmetics, they seem awesome
  3. CUTE If i was there i would take picture of my self next to every single poster of these ... except if they are not somewhere high LOL
  4. THANKS! I love them! I would like if the single had more pictures...but still i love the concept
  5. [sCANS] 'Black Eyes' Album Download .RAR : http://www.mediafire...m96rswhnbswn4a6 CREDIT: cyclone + tiaradiadem.com The RAR includes ALL scans of Black Eyes Album with only a few missing, which were empty pages and my scanner was driving me crazy so i missed them... The pictures are 68!! The size of each is BIG (more than 3000p...) so i put these 3 (resized) as preview. They also include single pictures of Cha Seung Won and Ji Chang Wook! Wow that is strange but it's fact XD It's sad that So Yeon, Boram and Hwa Young have just a few pics T_T But still the album is awesome I hope you are satisfied!!!
  6. ooohhh Daebak!! she finally got a new lead role OMG i cant wait for it I wonder who are the others in cast XD
  7. Why dont u just say that T-ara is the best girl group. There is nothing to prove the opposite so... AMAZING.
  8. cute one ^^ I love her best with blond hair!! And i want to try this tony moly in real XD looks good xD
  9. ohh another drama to watch.. but maybe next year hmmm... she is strange like this XD I prefer her in modern dramas
  10. WOW with Taecyeon? Hmmmm interesting XD Eun jung so cute!! I love her casual pictures ^^
  12. I am seriously waiting now this MV and this album. I cant wait... Qri is so amazing. I want to see the other 3 what are they doing XD
  13. Welcome in the forum :)

  14. My favorite outfits I want to see the live haha I love Eunjung hairstyle ^^ But its becoming cold for such clothes XD
  15. can u make a rar pls ! Thanks for sharing i love these cloths <33 my favorite
  16. i cant wait for it !! i want to buy again wooooooooooo <33 So awesome i wanna see the MV but i want MV of i go crazy because of you T_T
  17. Haha how can people be already disappointed before they even heard the song...however i am expecting it For me T-ara never fails
  18. WTF is happening ? XD i am confused, shocked, ....i have no words XD Thanks im downloading everything now Oo LOL
  19. AAAA EUN JUNG <333 Why so beautiful WHY <333 Thanks for the pics they are so sweet ^^
  20. Eun jung is so cute <333 Totally like a princess I love them both advertising ^^
  21. When i watched this i totally didnt notice anything XD It was much time ago haha
  22. WHAT ? XD The plushes are so cute But T-ara is more cute LOL <33 Thank you for sharing
  23. aaaaaa <33333 i CANT WAIT FOR THE CD <333333 Im so excited I will never regret for buying this <3333 Thanks
  24. OMG im so excited !!! I waited for this CD for so much time I CANT I CANT !! iM SO HAPPY! tHANKS FOR THE PICTURES <33333
  25. Thanks for sharing the pictures!! i love th outfits but who is that woman lol Im gonna download now ^^
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