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  1. I want to know how will the 300 lucky fans be chosen T_T I am so happy for their debut i cant wait the official release of the single Cute picture
  2. [sCANS] Roly Poly In Copacabana (Repackage Album) (09/13) Download This Photo Set : .RAR : http://www.mediafire.com/?128beoi88ozwdb8 CREDIT : cyclone + tiaradiadem.com
  3. how will they choose he 300 fans? haha i wish im the lucky one too as having all of their albums up to now T__T i will die of happiness
  4. Thank you very much I will put one of them now!! So cute especially these where they are all together
  5. omg i just pre-ordered the single I cant wait for it already omg.. T_T So cool im so excited
  6. Thank you very much but can you do rar file? Please T_T The girls look awesome
  7. god i want the mv. i want it .. omg i wanna see. my grammar went away now I love the pictures I wanna see more!
  8. Oh downloading right now <33 So much!! I like it Eun jung is so cool cool cool XD <33 Thank you very much!
  9. They look so happy XD I like the pics a lot Thank you for sharing!! I just collected them all
  10. I cant wait for it to be released omg!! i want the video as well <33 Thanks for sharing!!!
  11. Omona. i just bought it! pre order. haha my dream is to collect all t-ara albums, repackages and whatever it is..
  12. Thank you for sharing!! I love their outfits <33 The pictures are so cute Eun jung smile is killer
  13. Hallo :) Im fine~ Nice to meet you :] You are new here? Have fun in the forum ^_^

  14. omg i need bigger pictures!! i want big resolutionnn Aw so beautiful! Eun jung and JI Yeon why so pretty!!! I love it
  15. *__* So amazing!! Hwa Young so beautiful! OMG Amazing pictures Thank you i love them!!
  16. Ooooo how cute <.< Their expressions are sweet I Love ji yeon <33 Thanks for sharing!
  17. So beautiful as always!! I cant wait for more pictures and the japanese debut !! But i hope they will have korean comeback sooner than 1 year later <.<
  18. Thank you for sharing the pictures !! I am downloading all of them now
  19. Aaaa thanks thanks ! I like this couple XD haha Eun Jung is so adorable I love her hair!!
  20. Eun Jung is not happy ? XD Haha maybe something made her nervous lol Thanks for sharing anyway
  21. OMG I CANT TAKE IT !!!! wtf thanks a lot for sharing <33 They are so big . EUN JUNG <33333333
  22. do u want to do me a favor ? pls PM me asap!! T____T

  23. both my favorite groups Super Junior and T-ara make me wait their mvs at once AAAAA i cant wait!!!! I want to see T___T
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