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  1. thank you!! i want this as released album T_T I hope so anyway. Haha the pics are awesome!
  2. THANK YOU. I love the concept!! OMG! Is this going to be repackage album or something Oo
  3. i wanna see the outfits omg omg omg ! i want the performance OMG Thanks alot !! WOW
  4. Wow i wish i could visit it XD It looks like tis still in process XD Thanks for sharing anyway
  5. Will they release repackage mini album Oo ? WOw i cant wait to see whats going to happen! I love their new pictures <33
  6. thanks for the pics!!! I like their outfits here Eun jung <333 Im downloading the rar
  7. Aw i cant wait to see this performance!! Thanks for the pictures I am downloading now
  8. thank u for the add ^_^<3

  9. OH wow. well i hoe i can see T-ara too because it wont be roly poly 3 but mix of covers XD Hehe at least the fans will be happy to see themselves at the video ..
  10. Oh i want to see the performance now!! Thanks for sharing <33 these are one of my fav outfits. I wanna see the white ones again XD
  11. AWESOME!! Good Thanks for sharing, im going to collect them now Jiyeon is pretty <33
  12. JUST AWESOME So happy for them!! They should win Music bank and Inkigayo!!! I love the outfits Thank you for the pictures!
  13. Awww i want to watch this thing <.< Hwa young at the last pic is love XD Haha so funny and the paws are cuteeee Thanks for sharing
  14. Thank you <333 One of my favorite outfits!! OMG so sweet I love Jiyeon's expressions XD And Qri looks like she has some tan XD
  15. wah i started watching this but im so in the first episodes XD I should go forward!! Thanks so much both look adorable
  16. So awesome! I wish i could go there <.< It looks really nice And the girls are so pretty as always
  17. Omona Eun Jung so beautiful!!! <.< I love those pics!! Thank you for sharing! Ji Yeon's hair is awesome <33
  18. [sCANS] T-ara John Travolta Wannabe ALBUM SCANS All scanned by me (cyclone) DOWNLOAD ALL FROM HERE CREDIT : cyclone + tiaradiadem PLEASE credit properly when taking out.
  19. Eun Jung <333333 I love when i see new pics here!!! Thank you very much <333 so pretty !
  20. Omo!!! im downloading now <33 thank you so much i cant wait to see the pictures!! EUN JUNG <33
  21. I wanna see more pics with these outfits they are cool and pics of the other girls too *.* thank you
  22. I want more more more bigger!!! ahh so cute ! these are my favorite outfits OMG awesomeness overload <33 Thank you
  23. my friend made it like this and i cant do it and she tried 10 pics until their faces could be seen <.<

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