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  1. why cant i send PM to you ? <>< I want to ask u something...

  2. I am already interested in this movie!! I want to see it and White with Eun jung too!! So cool I love horror movies XD
  3. They deserved this win!! The food looks delicious XD And boram is cute <33 haha funny spoon XD LOLOL Thanks for sharing
  4. So pretty! i wish for more pics form this magazine << Eun jung and Hwa Young are so cute there Thanks for sharing
  5. Roly Poly 2 is my fav version of this MV <33 All of the girls can be seen and and its really awesome! I love it
  6. Downloading again Thanks for sharing the rar file They are so cute Love Jiyeon's outfit!!
  7. OMG Gorgeous <33 Eun Jung why so pretty <.< I wish i were there too!!! Thanks for sharing <333
  8. I cried so much when they won!! im so happy <333 Thanks for these pictures and for the rar file <333
  9. thank u XD but i got angry when some people stole it....

  10. Thank you thank you!! I still cant stop looking at their shoes XD Never seen such I love all their outfits in these promotions <33
  11. cute XD I like this couple more with the time LOL Nice pics Thanks for sharing! Love both's hairs hahaha
  12. Aaa i wish i were there too <.< The girls are so pretty! and fans are lucky lol XD Thanks for sharing
  13. Diet or not i can never get a dream body LOLOL XD They look really pretty whatever they do for that.. I like all their bodies..
  14. Haha now 2 reasons to watch the movie XD Eun jung probably wants to be in all movies XD So cute!! I cant wait to see this one and 'White' movie too <33
  15. Good good! T-ara can be chosen for a lot of ads XD They are pretty enough for all kind of stuff to advertise....
  16. omo omo omo i want to watch it already!! oh i cant wait seriously !! I hope it would be able for download XD Im so proud of our girls!!
  17. And if i were able to go to such concert...it would be like a dream XD I wish they have one!! They have to have own concert soon... they sure have what to show....
  18. I only hope they will be bale to have korean albums as well... At least 1 or 2 times a year .. However they are going to make it! I love them so much! <333
  19. i guess u got angry because of me but u can just not ignore me that bad except of some serious reason... haha however im not bothering u anymore ...

  20. Eun jung with this ribbon is so cute <333 I want to see her like this in Roly poly live XD Awesome pictures Thanks ~
  21. omg omg omg pure win. Eun jung's picture is.... gorgeous! So stylish and so cute and beautiful !! AAA WHY SO. I love these pics Thank u very much !
  22. Thanks for these pics too! I am collecting all of them LOL Last pic of Jiyeon
  23. Thanks for these too!! I love Ji yeon's outfit! Its so sweet <33 And Eun jung's hair is awesome! Really suits her alot
  24. oh my god million pics again oh no no i just saw what i will do in next few hours XD Thank you so much!
  25. Omo awesome!! I want to see live with these clothes! Oh T-ara is so big now They are pretty !! Thanks for the links
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