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  1. Wohooo new pics new pics!! So awesome ! Thank you for the download links I am going to see them now XD
  2. thanks for the add :]

  3. GORGEOUS. JUST TOO BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks so much! The comeback was the best <33333 They are so pretty!!
  4. Cute cute !! Boram's smile is awesome I love these pics I remembered the Cass Drama with her LOL XD
  5. O_O So gorgeous They are BEAUTIFUL.. Eun Jung why so pretty <.< I love them here!!!
  6. Aw so awesome pic!! They were too perfect at this comeback stage <33 I cant wait to see the next ones Hyomin's outfit rules XD And Qri's hair is cuteee
  7. Pure win. I guess they will win at least once but they will! But maybe they wont promote Really really like you? Oh im excited now really LOL!
  8. I dislike such people.. its bad for everyone if they do this <.< But however we are all happy now when the album and video are out!!!
  9. DAEBAK. im so excited!! i bought the album i cant wait for it oh my god!!! THANK U FOR ALL PIC. oh i think its heart attack here XD <333
  10. second part on 4th july? too much!! i cant wait so much... At least they will be on music shows
  11. .......... I hope its fine soon. So at least i hope we can see it tomorrow. My day was ruined by another reason but i hope tomorrow i will be fine with my precious girls
  12. I cant just read million news until they make the comeback!! I WANT THEM ALREADY T__T Aaa im so excited !!!
  13. i need your help in coed's forum please go there T___T

  14. My school ends on 30th june and i will be so excited! my holiday starts with T-ara's comeback on 1st!! I cant wait!! And 10 minutes ?? They will probably have also short version of the MV...Oh i cant waitttt
  15. A so sweet Hyomin looks cute <33 And Ji Yeon is always having fun XD Haha thanks for sharing
  16. [CAPS] KBS Music Bank Preview Comeback (06/24) For the rest of the images, visit : http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/index.php?app=gallery&album=1244 CREDIT: cyclone + tiaradiadem.com
  17. I cant wait for the full mv <3333 The dance is so good!! and the song too ! I WISH FOR HD! T-ara never has HD videos <.<
  18. I love the difference in the heels of Ji Yeon and Hyomin here XD And thanks for the pic sin first post
  19. I WATCHED IT WHEN I WOKE UP. OH I THINK I AM DEAD NOW. DAEBAK. I love it <3333333 T-ara is genius. T-ara is the best.
  20. i am too excited !! i cant wait for it already and i just pre ordered it !!! I dont know what to expect from them really XD
  21. Im sure they will make it in Japan I wish them all the success and also not so long for korean comeback after japanese activities!! <333
  22. I cant wait for it already!!!! Exactly the first day after school officially ends!! such a perfect start of the summer holiday XD T-ara is love <333
  23. ooooooooooo this is just perfect!!! I cant wait for them <.< comeback exactly at the day when i have NO MORE SCHOOL!!! <33333 I am really excited <333
  24. I cant wait for it already!!! OMG i wish they release it asap!! So they will start promoting exactly on 1st? Its friday so? Music bank? OH I WANT!!!!
  25. please start cutting shows again T_T u were the fastest one to cut and upload them PLEASEEE

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