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  1. Why is she trying to kill me <.< So beautiful....just gorgeous... It really suits her <33
  2. Well i love horror movies and i want to watch this one too XD So i dont know if i will be scared after everything i watched XD LOL !! I cant wait to see <33
  3. LOL i saw this but i thought that it's something with the idea of WHITE XD LOL i dont know actually i just ignored it XD well it could be much more horrible... She is still pretty
  4. thank you very much!! Im so happy that there is the biggest resolution XD I will put eun jung now ^__^
  5. Oh my god the big picture of her is just AWESOME <.< Oh so cute ^___^ <333 She is so much loved nowadays <33333
  6. *___________* BEAUTY OVERLOAD ........ She is just the most beautiful....... i cant take it <.< !!!! I want one of those pics on a wall in my room Oo
  7. CRYING XD I am so happy OH MY GOD! I cant wait for it seriously! Definitely buying the album <333 T-ara fighting!! <333333
  8. *someone just died* ....... O_______________________O WHY SO BEAUTIFUL. WHYY. TELL ME WHY WHY ... XD THE PRETTIEST <333333333
  9. WOWS. Their japanese debut is discussed so much XD I cant wait to see them! I would like to buy the album too
  10. Wowowow XD My Eun jung is sunshine <333 I cant wait to see this episode too XD I LOVE HER TOO XD
  11. I want to watch this drama already XD I want to see all of T-ara in some drama!! Ji Yeon is pretty on the caps
  12. So cute !! Thank you for the pics! I cant wait for more and more <33 Eun Jung is gorgeous
  13. AWESOME!! Thank you for the rar and all pics at all!! So lucky all the people there <.< I WANT A LIVE CONCERT TOO T_T The girls are so beautiful ^__^
  14. LOL FUNNY!! My Eun Jung is so cute!! I cant wait to see them finally XD School is taking all my time <.< hhhh Thanks for gifs ^^
  15. LOLOL haha omg. Eun Jung why so cute XD I LOVE YOU <333 So sweet! Thanks for these pics ~ Im taking them.
  16. LOLOL XD Badass? XD SO NICE! Love them in such casual style XD Thanks for pics!!
  17. TOO MUCH !!! THANK YOU! But can u do .rar with all of them? So it's easier to download XD Ah..Ji Yeon is gorgeous ~
  18. Awww first 2 pics are killers XD SO CUTE !! Hyomin is having fun XD LOL Thanks for sharing!!
  19. Ahhh they are just too pretty <.< And i planned to sleep now XD Thank you a lot!
  20. Thank you for sharing I wish for more Eun Jung pics XD The one with Hyomin's butt is just awesome XD
  21. Wow summer holiday is coming and i am more and more planning to watch this XD I love Eun Jung in such clothes
  22. I love themmmmmm Qri is so beautiful!! AND EUN JUNG <3333 I cant wait to watch this I CANT WAIT
  23. WHAT WILL I DO 10 DAYS ???? I WAS WAITING FOR THIS BADLY AND NOW 10 JUNE ?? OH MY GOD. Thanks for the pictures <33333 I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!!!!
  24. I changed my signature so why is this gone?!?!?! Please next time see carefully if someone breaks rules. ........
  25. what was that, dear XD

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