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  1. Im waiting for the RAR <33 So pretty <33 Eun jung i love you ^____^ I like her legs *__*
  2. I cant wait for this movie since first ever teaser pics which were released!!! Aaaa Eun Jung is gorgeous <33333
  3. I changed it ~ But i really hate when someone abuses what he has <.<
  4. thank you dear <33333

  5. thank you very much ^_^

  6. they are seriously majestic <3333 I love EUN JUNG Thank you so much i am downloading now!
  7. WOAAA big pics!! Thank you so much! I totally love their style <333333
  8. No wonder that T-ara girl is in such a movie Let's see what's Hyomin going to do! (kill someone O_O? )
  9. heheh it's time for So Yeon now!! I like it ~ I hope for more new things around T-ara
  10. Ohhhh i was just looking for these pics!! Thanks so much <33 I am downloading nowwwww
  11. I love them all together!! I hope from now one they all will perform on stage <33 Cool pics
  12. Ou its cool they are still friends I like them having fun together <333
  13. I love this picture Eun Jung is really beautiful and they both look good together I like them
  14. hehehe thes epics are so sweet I love dogs My fav animals <333 I wish for better quality pictures<3
  15. Wah i'm so happy I cant wait for this. And still i cant wait for T-ara comeback<333
  16. Hahahaha i should watch this already!!! Are Diadem subbers going to sub it or ? This sure would be fun
  17. haha im fine thanks :) what about u :)

  18. Ai Eun Jung cant be more beautiful HER SMILE IS KILLER!
  19. Ahhh so cute pic of all T-ara girls <33 These animated things are just funny XD EUN JUNG IS SO SWEET
  20. I want to see more pics!! Hwa Young and high heels XD Sure wanna see more!! I'm happy for our girls
  21. i seriously want to see more pic of these!! I am so happy for T-ara <33 And these money are a lot! Or it just looks so XD
  22. I totally love those pics of Eun Jung <3333 I cant wait to watch the show I want it subbed :|
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