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  1. Wow i totally cant recognize our boys!! XD Hahaha cant wait for their comeback <333 Hwa young you are pretty ^^
  2. BTW, arent there anymore pics? Of other members? I love this set but it would be so cool if they were all together!
  3. LOL Ji Yeon and Joon seem to have lots of fun :D So cute !!! Good for him that he got the dark hair back
  4. They are gorgeous...just gorgeous.... Qri with dark hair again!! Eun Jung is like a princess <333 SHE IS princess
  5. Omo omo omo my princess !!!! The most beautiful and cute *_*
  6. Wowowow Uknow and Ji yeon XD She is really pretty <3333
  7. This hairstyle totally suits Eun jung!!! I will watch the drama in the summer maybe XD
  8. Oh my god! Ji yeon is so adorable <333333 Thank you for the pics ^^
  9. It's good that now she is ok. And i really want to end the topic So Yeon-SNSD... We heard a lot, now she better talks about Her and T-ara. She sounds really nice in this interview
  10. WOW I will watch this drama whenever it is.. just because of our girls <3333
  11. Hahahah sounds funny :D:D It reminds me of a girl who i know and has the same pic XD
  12. your avatar is 100 points XD Nice to meet u ~

  13. No problem i sent u the message! So see u tomorrow then :]]]]]]]]]

  14. No, dear i meant PMs here at the forum T_T I cant send u but i want!!! Check it again... :S:S

  15. why cant i send u messages here? it says u cant receive messages

  16. have u got skype or facebook? tell me ^^

  17. It's not cool when people give u no opportunity to explain things.. Thats the 'rule' of people nowadays...
  18. Haha still i see her with Soo Hyun more than with Taecyeon XD It would be a hot issue if they were dating
  19. I agree. I think someone wants a scandal around T-ara..
  20. Uh every next day i want to watch it more and more XD I cant wait now
  21. Aww pure beauty <333 And these glasses are obviously too famous there XD
  22. Let's see whats going to happen now... And still i wonder what about japanese debut..how will Eun jung handle it?
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