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  1. This is just crazy. Who in the world would make such a story without knowing Areum. She looks perfectly normal & fine. Perfect if I may add. Gosh, I had goosebumps when I was reading the article but then I was thinking to myself that she's not like this. There's not even one instance when I noticed that she had some illness or something on stage, filming, or whatever. THIS IS JUST ASDFGHJK. Ugh, people.. :| Thanks for posting Elly.
  2. Aigooo~ Japan tour. How to~ :(

  3. Wow, I can't wait for this! lol. As if I'll get to watch. Anyway, I wish them all the luck and that they'll still stay healthy no matter how tired they get. T-ara~~ Hwaitiiiiiiing!
  4. Woah! Hyomin is so fierce! *o* Me likey! Looks like she didn't even change a bit through the years. Her eyes were big then. ㅋㅋㅋ
  5. Everyday Im shufflin'!? loljk. Anyway, I hope they don't get tired quickly. I mean, 90% is like.. the whole dance already. Can't wait to see! Too bad I'll be too busy on Jan.2 until the weekend. SUCKS FOR ME.
  6. OMG THAT IS SO... CUTE! *o* Fierce? Ohwait, nevermind. LOL. I want onneeee. You so luckkyyyyy. Why does everything have to be so different from the ones in S.Korea! Haha!
  7. Oh lawd! I can't wait to see and hear thiiiiiiiis! I hope it's addicting as Roly Poly and Cry Cry. Both of those songs really got me hooked up. Good luck to our girls!
  8. I wasn't expecting such fierce comeback from them! I just can't wait for the comeback. I hope their music will be addictive again! Thanks for the news!
  9. OHEMJAAAAAY! THEY LOOK SO DIFFERENT NOW. No more cutesy and hello fierce! Me likey! EUNJUNG is a killer keke. Can't wait for the Lovey-Dovey ones! Thank you for sharing!!
  10. ZOMG. I can't wait for the teaser. x.x The concept looks nice and I hope that the video will be nice too. Thanks for the information! I totally can't waiiiiit!
  11. Hello!!! Just dropped by here to say hi... got attraceted by your EunRi icon ^-^

  12. heeeyyyy~

    just want to drop by you a happy birthday~


    wish u get a blessed new year.


  13. So glad you love Hyewon and Co.Ed LAWL

    My favorite is Soomi though, but I really love Hyewon as well!

  14. Yes, I'm a huge fangirl of Hyewon~ hihi~ :3

  15. Hyewon's fangirl!

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